Sylvia Fowles Blog

Wow where should I began? The season has come and gone so fast. Shoot, just a few months ago we were in training cramp (trying to figure out the final team). Once the coaches made the final cuts I was happy with their decisions. We had a great point guard (Sloot) who is pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. I really felt like we had finally got all the pieces we need to get us to the play offs. As is to be expected we had some ups and downs and we ran into some bumps that we couldn't get over. The first part of the season came and went with a blink of an eye, and before you knew it, it was time for All Star Break.

The All Star game was very cool because two of my teammates got a chance to attend (Piph and Sloot). I think they played well in their first All Star game.....big smile. This was my 3rd time playing in the All Star game, which was great for me. I feel like I'm on the right track, career wise and I hope that I get picked to play in many more All Star games, and I will continue to work hard each year to make this a reality.

The second half of the season is now over and I felt like we stepped our game up a lot, but with that said we couldn't find a consistent groove every game to keep us on the roll. After a while it was tough to see us struggle the way we did. But we kept fighting as a team, and tried our best to keep pushing forward. Along the way we had a couple of role players who stepped up their games at times and that was much needed. It was also good to see some new, but familiar faces join us in the second half of the season and provide a spark.

Not making the playoff was a heart breaker because I believed that we would play much better and win a lot more games than we did. As hurt as I am about not making the play offs this season, I am looking forward to next season. I know the coaches are going to work their butts off in the off-season to get us right for next year and I will work my butt off to come back an even stronger and more skilled player. So with that said, fans I promise you that we will do much better next season. Also, I would like to say a huge thanks to our fans. You all have been so good to us. You are there when we need you most and you stick by our side whether it was good or bad. Thanks for a great season of support, cheering and noise. Until next season...recruit some more friends, and family to pack the stands at Allstate Arena.

Love you all and thanks once again.