Sky fans Ė I wanted to start by saying thanks for your support so far this season. I have really enjoyed playing at home and hearing you cheer for us and all those kids on Camp Day were awesome. In my second year as a Sky player I definitely feel more comfortable and relaxed on the floor and am happy with how I am playing, although of course there are always aspects of my game I want to improve on and I HATE losing, so I am soaking up everything Coach Chatman tells us at practice and trying to do what I can so we donít lose!

Lately we have had a tough schedule with a back to back Saturday against Atlanta and then Sunday in New Jersey. After an awesome win on Saturday we were up at 4am to get on the bus to the airport for a 6am flight to New Jersey Ė we only had time to check in to a hotel, watch some film, grab lunch and take a quick nap before we were back on the bus heading to the Prudential Center. The game started well but as you know we certainly didnít get the result we wanted.

Being from Brooklyn, NY, I always take the opportunity to hang out as long as possible in my home town when we play the Liberty. I stayed a little longer in NYC after the team went home and it was really nice to be able to spend time with my family and friends that I donít get to see very often.

We then had a couple of days to practice before we had our annual Camp Day game and my body was tired so I also had to get in the cold tub after practice Ė I donít know about you Sky fans but this is not a pleasant experienceÖ..but it really helps us recover and be able to go hard for the next game.

On Wednesday it was awesome to see all the children in their colored t-shirts dancing, singing and cheering us on a win against Tulsa. Itís strange to play that early in the day but the game was fun and the atmosphere really pumped up me and my team mates.

I donít know if you know this about me but I love to play games and last year I took many of my team mates to Dave and Busters on a regular basis. I love to win the tickets and get prizes! Our VP Operations is an Aussie and she had a friend in town so after the Camp Day game my friends Taj, Greg and I took the Aussies to Dave and Busters for lunch and games. We had fun playing the horse racing game, the basketball shooting game, skee ball, the claw, football and the jump rope game. I really like the jump rope game Ė I won 900 tickets on that game! The Aussies were not too bad at the games and our VP of Operations definitely dominated the horse racing game! We decided to keep our 4000 tickets that we won and come back again so we could get even more and take home a bigger prize.

The next day it was back to business as we prepared for the upcoming game against the Atlanta Dream. We need to get that win down in Atlanta to help build our confidence before we face my former Spartak team mate Sue Bird and the WNBA Champion Seattle Storm. I hope you will all come to see that game on Tuesday night. We tip off at 6pm but if you canít make it you can see the game on ESPN2.

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