Dominique Canty: Merhaba (Hello) from Turkey

Merhaba (Hello) Sky fans,

This is Nique checking in with you from Turkey. Well, I've been here for about three months now. I had to come a little early this year. I participated in training camp here which was pretty tough. I have never in my life been through an overseas training camp before. I guess there has to be a first time for everything. The city I'm in is called Tarsus. It's about an hour plane ride from Istanbul. There is not much to do to in the city of Tarsus. We are in the middle of two bigger cities Mercin, which is sea side, and Adana, so, we frequent these cities often.

I'm playing on the team with Plenette Peirson (New York Liberty), Shanna Crossley (Tulsa Shock) and my Sky teammate Cat Kraayeveld. The team is doing okay right now. We are 2-2 so far. We struggled in the beginning of the season but when Cat came to the team we started playing a little better. We have some tough games coming up soon. I have the chance to play against my buddy Big Syl soon. That's going to be interesting. I'm excited to see her. I wish I wasn't playing against her though, SMH....

Anyway, this week is a holiday week. It's called Kurban Bayrami (Sacrifice Feast). They sacrifice sheep as a special ritual. I've been out today and saw the sheep flea markets. I have never seen so many sheep in my life. I think a sheep costs about $350. This is a seven day holiday here. It's interesting to see what other countries do around their holiday time.

Well, it's late here so I'm going to head to bed. Until next time Sky Fans. I can't wait until the season starts in June. Thanks for all the love and support.