Dominique Canty: Absence makes the heart fonder

Hi Sky Fans, this is Nique checking in with you guys.

I've finally worked my way back into shape. I took the first half of the season off to get a little rest because I've been playing year round for at least five years now. My body was in desperate need of a break. I think the break allowed me to miss the game a little. I love playing, not saying I didn't before, but my love for the game is stronger now than before.

I'm here in Israel for the third time. I LOVE coming here. The city of Tel Aviv is a beautiful place to come visit. It's very Americanized. I play for a team name Ramat Chen, we're in a small city on the boarder of Tel Aviv. The season is going pretty well for us. We are in the semi-finals now. We beat Netanya in the first round of the playoffs. It was an exciting series for us. It went down to the wire. We won game five by only three points. We play the No. 1 team Ramat Hasharon in the semi-finals. Our first game is next Thursday, hopefully we can win the first game.

Anyway, I hope all is well and I plan on seeing all of you this summer at Allstate Arena - which is a great area if I may say so myself.


- Nique

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