A Day in the Life: Jenna Rubino

Hey Sky Fans-

On an average day... I'll wake up, listen to music (usually country) and get ready for class. I typically eat cereal in the morning, but if I'm running late I'll just grab a piece of fruit or a granola bar. After class, most of my teammates and I meet at the cafeteria to eat and chat. We are a team full of jokesters, so we are usually laughing a ton during this period of the day.

I usually do conditioning and lifting workouts before class and then play pick up games afterwards or at night. You can usually catch me talking on the phone to my family and friends during my walks between classes or to the gym, my dorm, or the cafeteria. (I am also a texting fanatic). My three roommates/teammates and I will meet for dinner at the Café, or we'll go out to eat considering no one really appreciates the task of cooking.

Once we're back in our rooms, we shower and then we'll just lounge around the living room area for a couple hours before realizing we have a ton of homework to finish before the next morning's class. If it’s Thursday, we are definitely watching Grey's Anatomy... So, I'll do some homework (I'd like to say I do work every night, but I can't lie to the public =), and then I'll listen to music, watch TV, or play some good ole Nintendo, Sega or Play Station...maybe even read a book from time to time. Depending on how tired my roommates and I are, we usually go to bed sometime between 11:30pm and 2am.

I love my life in Chicago and at DePaul because I am surrounded by such amazing people. I am just honored to have built some of the greatest friendships with my team members along with the endless relationships with the DePaul athletic community, other students, and even some pretty cool professors. It has been a magnificent 4 year journey! I extremely look forward to staying in Chicago because it allows my family, friends, and other supporters to join me on my new and upcoming ride with the Sky.

Thank you!