A Day In the LIfe: Liz Moeggenberg

Liz Moeggenberg? Who is that? She doesnít play for the Chicago SkyÖright? I am sure that was going through your head when you saw that name. Well folks, in the off-season, I (Liz Shimek) married my best friend, Lucas Moeggenberg, and this coming season, I will proudly wear Moeggenberg on the back of my #52 jersey.

Since leaving Chicago in mid-August, I frantically ran around trying to get everything perfectly arranged for my wedding that took place on the 21st of October. I can say that without the supporting cast of my mom Linda, sister Amie, now husband Luke, and a few other people, we would have never pulled it off. About 450 people showed up to celebrate our wedding in the small town of Maple City, Michigan. It might have been the biggest party ever to be hosted in the town, and let me tell you it was a blast! Everything went perfect despite all of the rushing around on the day of the wedding.

My life has been consumed ever since I returned to Northern Michigan, but I have still found some time for a little rest and relaxation, family time, and of course a workout here and there. The only sad part is that my brother-in-law is over in Iraq, obviously I havenít been able to spend time with him at all. I have been able to help my sister take care of their girls, and I can sense a little touch of him in Liliana, my oldest niece, so I am not missinwg out completely.

On top of getting married this fall, Luke and I are building a new house. As you may know, building a house is exciting, but is a lot of work. There are so many things that you have to do, such as; take out a loan, apply and pay for all the permits that are necessary (this process is insane), contact numerous people with the electrical company, excavate businessí as well as the bank, and the list goes on and on. I am just thankful that my husband is familiar with constructing a home and has knowledge of the whole process. This took a lot of the weight off of my shoulders, this way I could just focus on the wedding.

I am sure you are wondering, so what was a day like in the life of Liz Shimek before she became Liz Moeggenberg? Prior to the wedding, every day was always busy, but everything seemed to pan out perfectly. Every day had numerous tasks to be completed. I remember one day waking up and doing a Pilates workout, going to feed the cows in the barn, and then making a list of the things I was going to accomplish that day such as, go to the florist to finalize all the flowers for the wedding. After that I would head home and put a spray enamel coat on leaf decorations that my sister and I had made as centerpieces and gifts for the tables. I then finished the bows that I started making for the pews at the church, and put together an arrangement of flowers for the front of the church.

Next, I headed to Traverse City, MI (the nearest mall or grocery store) to go tanning. I didnít want to look like a pale ghost on the day of my wedding (my teammates from MSU always teased me because my skin tone is so light). In town, I ran other errands such as picking out jewelry and an outfit for the rehearsal dinner, selecting my make-up for the wedding day and finishing numerous other tasks that all brides must do. Lastly, call the caterer and let her know that we had around 450 people coming to the reception for dinner, and make a list of songs for the DJ so he could play the music that we wanted during the reception. Before sleep there was work to be done on decorations for the wedding ceremony. Of course, throughout the day I would do the necessities that all humans need to do, but when we were planning such an event the everyday necessities didnít seem as vital as usual. Sleep didnít seem as important although we could never get enough. Sit down meals were skipped and fast food became a regular when fast food is usually out of the question. But, we made it and Luke and I are married. I donít think that my parents or my sister have fully recovered from all of the effort they put into that one day. Let me tell youóI have the greatest family in the world.

Well, now itís back to the same old same old. Helping out on the farm, cutting wood and getting ready for winter, and of course that small task of building our house. Oh yeah and did I mention getting back on a regular schedule of regular workouts and shooting some hoops. Well thatís my life and thatís what I live for.

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