A Day in the Life: Stacey Dales

Hello again hoop friends. Thought it was time for another update of my travels and training. The snow is just starting to melt in Chicago and I’m beginning to feel the excitement of another WNBA season with the Sky. I’d first like to say “welcome” to Monique Currie and Dominique Canty who will be new teammates in 2007. Both of these players come into our franchise with special gifts and experiences that will only enhance what we’re trying to build here in Chicago. And, to all of my teammates both overseas and here in the States, I miss you, look forward to reuniting shortly, and hope that your respective journeys have been fulfilling.

It’s really been a lot of fun getting back in the playing mode. With such a long eight month off-period, it’s so important to gage training and playing in accordance with the season, as I’m sure all of you can imagine. Fellow guard Amanda Lassiter and I have been working extensively with a terrific “performance enhancement specialist” named Will Haskell at the Athletico Sports Performance Center just outside of the city in McCook, Illinois. I’ve learned so much from Will, who has really stressed athletic development and functional mobility—it is truly like nothing I’ve ever done in my playing career.

Besides our weekly jaunts to McCook, Coaches Steve Key and Bo Overton have been pushing us on the court with plenty of shooting drills and ball work. Once this individual skill training is complete, it’s off to the Ray Meyer Center on the DePaul campus where plenty of guys join us for multiple games of “pick-up”. Good players, solid games to 15, and plenty of healthy arguments over fouls and scores. Typically, I’ve been in Chicago completing all of this training from Tuesday through Sunday, after which, I’m back on the road.

Most of my travel days to date are spent in Bristol, Connecticut where ESPN is situated. Bristol is an incredibly small, quiet town, similar to that of a tiny college settlement that baring a huge, energetic campus through which everything around it revolves. Typically, I travel on Sunday to analyze women’s hoops in studio, and follow up with men’s “Big Monday” coverage alongside the great Coach Digger Phelps and the brilliantly seamless host Rece Davis. While I have always loved working on behalf of women’s college basketball, I have equally enjoyed the opportunity to cover men’s hoops. It’s been an incredible challenge due to the inordinate scope of information, but it’s a challenge I’ve truly relished. Digger, who may just be our nations next President as he himself will tell you, has continued to remind me that it is imperative to keep a log of the multiple coaching notes that he so often drops on the set—and, while he is a true genius of the game, his humor and approach to life keeps me shaking my head and laughing incessantly. Needless to say, the experience with the guys has been an awesome and always entertaining one, especially when we go on live at twelve o’clock in the morning for out 40 minute College Game Night show—by this time, we’re punchy, bold, slightly delirious, and having far too much fun on “the air”.

Well, I think I’ve given you a pretty good idea of what life brings me these days—as you can clearly see, it is busy and fast-paced. My next Day in the Life will include my NCAA tournament preparation, musical favorites (as music is in fact my favorite pastime and the best way for me to find a break in the day), and, the continuing development of our Chicago Sky Franchise. Thanks for checking in and go Sky!

~Stacey Dales