A Day In The Life: Katie Cronin

Hi Sky fans!

This is Katie Cronin writing in from the beautiful island of Madiera in Portugal. This off season I am playing for the CAB Madiera team. One of the best things about having the opportunity to play overseas is everything you learn about places youíve never been or even heard of!

Madiera was discovered in 1419 as the Portuguese were sailing the unchartered waters off of Africa looking for a trade route to the Orient. If you want to find me on the map, it may be hard to do since the island is a tiny dot in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. Identify Lisbon, Portugal and trace south-by- south west until you find an Archipelago of 4 islands. Two are inhabited; Madiera and Porto Santo, while two are uninhabited rock formations.

Madieraís volcanic origin created many caves as a result of an eruption over 400 thousand years ago. I live in a town named Funchal which is on the southeast side of the island. Iím due for a visit to the Story Centre, which is Funchalís largest tourist attraction. It details everything about the islands history and development up to modern day.

My day starts around 8:00 am when I make a cup of coffee and sit out on my balcony to watch the ocean. I usually eat a nice breakfast and try very hard to stay away from the local chocolate croissants! My first practice of the day starts at 11am, and because it is such a small island town, I can take the bus, a short cab ride or even walk. We practice from 11-1pm and then lift weights until 3pm. The team provides us with a very nice lunch, so my teammates and I eat right at the gym where we work out. Again, I sit overlooking the beautiful ocean and even watch the cruise ships come into port. Madeira is a popular tourist attraction for its many sights such as a volcano, many festivals, markets, and of course the great weather.

After lunch I return to my apartment. Right now Iím in the process of decorating my apartment and making it feel more like home, so I spend quite a bit of time doing that. Before dinner, I join my teammates for an early evening cup of coffee. From there, we then enjoy one of the many wonderful restaurants in town. Living in a tourist town has its advantages for places to eat and things to do. My second practice of the day starts at 9:30 pm!! This was something my Sky teammate, Brooke Wyckoff warned me of from her many years of playing in Spain. Iím still getting used to that because my bedtime is usually 10:00 pm. I guess I need to compromise a little. Iíve been here for three weeks and so far so good. Nothing too exciting but it is truly a beautiful place and Iím very happy being here.

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