A Day in the Life: Coretta Brown

Hi Sky fans!

Greetings from Atlanta, where I, Coretta Brown, work as an administrative assistant for the Georgia Tech Womenís Basketball Team. Ironically I had already moved to Atlanta last summer when I got the call from Coach Cowens to join the Sky. I was surprised, so I gladly packed up my things and went to Chicago.

It was really exciting for me in Chicago because the fans were so unbelievably supportive and thrilled to finally have a WNBA team in town. Likewise, the city of Chicago is beautiful in the summer and a great place to live.

I had a pretty great summer playing for the Sky while also returning to Atlanta after our season was over to begin working on Georgia Techís upcoming season. And now that we are in the full swing of the collegiate season my days are very long. I go to work every day no later than 8am, sometimes as early as 7am. From 7am to 12pm I do office work and prepare for our practice. We have a coaches meeting at 1pm and practice starts at 2pm.

A trip to the weight room follows practice on lifting days, a must for me in-order to stay in shape. Our schedule is subject to change and yes, I do work weekends! I enjoy being an assistant at Georgia Tech because I get to be around the game of basketball. To me it doesnít get any better than that. I love sharing my knowledge of the game with the athletes here at our program.

Well, I have to go to our staff meeting! Iíll see all of you Sky fans on December 18 when Georgia Tech takes on Northwestern up in Evanston.