Day in the Life: Sky Guy

Hi, itís me Sky Guy, the almighty mascot of the Sky. I wanted to drop in and share with all of you what itís like during a typical day in my life. Wait a minute, there is no typical day in my life; I never know what I might find myself doing next! That is why I just live my life day-to-day, having tons of fun with a giant smile on my face. So why donít I tell you some of the funny things I have gotten myself into since the season ended.

Several of my mascot friends from Chicago and the NFL and I, took part in a half-time football game against a pee-wee team during a Chicago Bears game. It didnít go too well for me however; my basketball skills didnít come in too handy. I was responsible for one tackle and had my ankles broken by a running back on his way in for a touchdown. Needless to say my mascot friends and I lost the game, the Bears however were much more fortunate.

Iíve also had the opportunity to meet many of our state politicians. I ran into Governor Rod Blagojevich down on the south side during an event for the Walk a Mile in My Shoes event hosted by the Chicago Area Project. More recently, I bumped into Mayor Daley when I visited the super-duper Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I even met Santa and had him sit on my lap to find out what he wanted for Christmas. Sky tickets were at the top of his list!

During this off-season I have had the opportunity to visit many Universities and watch some great sporting events. Iíve made it as far south as Huntsville, Texas for the Sam Houston State homecoming festivities. Boy-oh-boy was it hot down there, but the barbecue made the trip totally worthwhile.

To impress all of you fans even more next year, Iíve been hitting the gym pretty hard to get even stronger. Iíve gotten pretty good at my one arm push-ups and handstands. I canít wait to show off all of my new basketball skills as well. My granny shot is getting pretty awesome too! Iíve been known to knock a few down from as far back as half-court. Benny the Bull and I have been seen out and about to practice our dunking skills. Who knew Bulls fly?

In my spare time I love to sit around and relax with a good movie. Some of my favorites are the Indiana Jones movies (I love that guy), Air Bud (that is one amazing dog), Batman Begins (where does he get those amazing toys?), Star Wars (Iíd like to think of myself as a Jedi) and any James Bond movie (my name is GuyÖ Sky Guy). Iíve also been spending some time on my computer, updating my blog and my MySpace page. From time to time, I turn on the TV to see if Stacey Dales is on ESPN, she is my favorite broadcaster in the world! But my most favorite thing to do is wake up in the morning and count the days until the season starts!