Coach Key Shares Insights From The World Championship

Hey SKY Fans,

Coach Key checking in here. Or as you web folks say, blogging. I am just getting back from watching the World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As you all have heard by now , USA Basketball did not bring home the Gold medal! Instead achieving a bronze medal with a win against host country Brazil.

I watched a lot of hoops. 26 games, or 104 quarters or 1040 minutes in 8 days (I won't try and break down the seconds). There were many different styles of play. The Koreans were a team of constant motion. Applying their version of the "Princeton Offense," by not focusing on any one player, but relying on overall movement to score.

On the other side, the Spanish team rode the almost heroic individual efforts of Amaya Valdermoro (20 pts. avg.) to some nice victories. Somewhere in the middle were the teams with depth like Russia, USA and Australia. These teams were relentless and consistent in attacking, using most of the players on the team. This proved too much for the rest of the teams. With Australia the eventual Gold medal winner.

Overall the Championship was a pleasure to watch. All teams competed very hard and represented their respective countries with pride and dignity. Although I was at work and not on vacation, I would recommend anyone looking for a travel destination, that you visit the beautiful and always pleasant people of Brazil.

See you in China 2008!!

Coach Key