This offseason I am playing in a city called Schio, pronounced Ski-oÖitís a relatively small town, approximately 40,000 people so there isnít ALOT to do, there is a nice ďdowntownĒ area, with shops/restaurants/cafes/bars but to find ďtouristĒ activities or shopping you have to go outside of Schio. We are really close to the mountains, so itís a really pretty area. However it rains CONSTANTLY, more than Seattle!

The fans here in Italy are awesome, especially in Schio! We have a really loyal fan base that follow us everywhere and just love us. Itís very apparent this club has been successful and these fans are there every step of the way. Even throughout the league, when we travel to other cities, the support is very similar, it is very rare to see a quiet gym!

While I am here in Italy ALL I eat is pasta and pizza. Itís awesome because I love pasta and pizza, but I think once I leave here itís something I will stay away from for awhile. I havenít had the chance to try anything crazy but I did have pizza with french fries on it and I donít think I will order that again haha!

Since being in Italy the only other city I have really been to visit is Venice. Itís about an hour from Schio so it makes it easy to visit. Other than that unless we are traveling to play in a different city I really donít have time to travel right now because we play twice a week. Maybe in April when EuroLeague is over and we only have one game a week I will have more time to see more of the other Italian cities, I really want to see Rome!

I did get to travel more in the first half of the season as I was playing in Hungary which is in a really good location because itís close to a lot of different cities. I was able to go to Vienna, Austria, Krakow Poland, Slovakia and we also traveled to France, where we spent the day in Paris. I have been lucky enough to see some pretty cool places so far. Paris is one of my favorites!

When you play basketball overseas all the days seem to blend together as the routine never changes. A typical day for me would be - I wake up, have breakfast, go to practice usually at 930, then I come back have lunch, take a nap, wake up and head to practice number 2. After the second practice I will either go to dinner with teammates or make dinner at home. I usually finish every day talking to my friends/family at home and then watching a movie/TV show until I sleep. Next day I wake up and do it again :)

It is hard being away from home for so long and not always having access to the things you are used to. When I head overseas to play each off-season there are a few things I cannot leave the USA without - several pairs of basketball shoes as I donít like trying to find them over here. Peanut butter, itís really hard to find over here and even if you do it tastes different. Hot sauce, itís a must! Lastly my computer, I couldnít live here without a computer and the ability to contact family / friends and have access to the internet.

In relation to my game I have been really focusing on different ways to score the ball and becoming more of an offensive threat. I am really excited to build off of last season. I think we ended the season with a bad taste in our mouth because we had higher expectations. Yes we had our first playoff berth but I think we had a big wake-up call in the first round, so I am excited that we can learn from that and build off of that and have that motivation for the beginning of the 2014 season and carry it through to another playoff run and hopefully a Championship!

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