Checking in with Sharnee

Zoll-Norman suffered a broken left thumb in the July 24th matchup against the Washington Mystics and has been sidelined the last eleven games. She was expected to be out 4-6 weeks. With six games remaining in the regular season, the reserve point guard seems optimistic.

“It’s feeling a lot better. I finally have the cast off so I can work on my range of motion and my strength and actually get to do some things with my hand now so it feels good.”

Zoll-Norman says the recovery process has been tough because she wasn’t able to do much with the cast on while waiting for the bone to heal. She says she has been able to work on shooting and ball handling with the opposite hand.

“Shooting is actually the one thing that I could work on since it was my left hand. I’ve been able to work on a lot of form shooting and right hand ball handling so my shot feels a lot better.”

Now that the cast is off she is working on getting back into game shape as well as working to get the range of motion and strength back in her hand and wrist.

While rehabbing, Zoll-Norman has taken the opportunity to learn as much as she can from the sideline and has been able to see the game from a new perspective. She says it’s cool to be able to see and understand the things that she was hearing from the coaches when she was on court. She hopes that it will broaden her perspective of the game when she returns to the court.

The lone fun part of the process, Sharneé says, is the fact that she’s been able to watch this team so much and just be a fan.

“This team is extremely talented obviously, but they work so hard and we’re so close that it was kind of fun being able to just watch and see how great the players are and how we look as a team out there. We look really good.”

This is not the first time in Zoll-Norman’s career that she has had to miss significant time during the season. Last season, while with the Los Angeles Sparks, she tore her ACL during the preseason forcing her to sit out the entire 2012 season. Zoll-Norman keeps an extraordinarily positive outlook despite the setbacks she has suffered in her career. She credits her faith and her support system for getting her through the frustrating times.

“It’s definitely frustrating and it’s tough, but I pray a lot. My faith helps me with a lot of things. Also, my support system, my wife deals with me every single day through the mood swings and the frustration. My family, I talk to my mom and dad every day and obviously the team and the coaches. Everyone in this organization has been amazing in keeping my spirits up, keeping me around, and always having me laughing. That’s the easy part with this.”

With the franchise’s first ever playoff game next month, Zoll-Norman is hopeful she will be back out on the court with her teammates soon.

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