Candice Dupree’s Team USA Training Camp Blog - Day 11

Whatís up Sky fans? So far Russiaís been pretty cool, thanks for keeping up with me during this trip.

The last time I left ya, we had just finished up our first game in Russia and now we had our second game of the tourney against a team from Sopron, Hungary today. It was an early game so there was no shootaround. Instead, we met in one of the ballrooms of the hotel and had a walk through. Coach brought a ball and we went over the scouting report in sweats and flip-flops. I must say that's the easiest and most comfortable "shootaround" I've ever had. My hat goes off to the assistant coaches who did a great job of preparing us by going over the other teamís plays and giving us the play calls.

After our walk through we headed to brunch/pre-game. After I eat I always have to get a nap in before the game, this is true no matter where I am. So I headed back to my room and crawled into bed.

Departure time for the game was at 1:10 pm. Today I had to prepare myself a little differently because I was in the starting lineup!! We got to the gym and went through our own pre-game routines. Before I knew it, it was time to play ball.

We got off to a decent start. Coach wants the bigs to run the floor as much as possible. Thank goodness there are so many of us because people got winded, but we were always able to keep fresh bodies on the floor. After that game we were able to put another mark in the win column after the defeating Euro-leading Sopron 79-65. I ended up scoring 6 points and grabbed two rebounds in 17 minutes.

Afterward we watched the first half of the USK Prague and UMMC game we headed back to the hotel. We all went and showered before dinner and just sat around. No one wanted to go back to their room because it was still really early. As you can imagine we're still adjusting to the time change, if we take a nap then we'll be up all night. So we sat around and talked. I have really enjoyed the time that I've had with players. I have talked to some people more than others and it is always interesting getting to know people outside of basketball. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be around such a nice group of women.

Anywho, one more game to get ready for and it's going to be a good one. Make sure to check back tomorrow to get the scoop. I'll chat with you all later.

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