Candice Dupree’s Team USA Training Camp Blog - Day 6

Hey Sky fans, todayís my last day in the states for about a week. But Iím going to make sure to keep up with my blog while Iím in Russia. We leave in a couple hours for the four-team 2009 Ekaterinburg International Invitational, but hereís whatís happened so far today.

We had our last practice before flying to Russia this morning. We didnít really do much of anything; practice was just a review of everything we did the whole week. There was no scrimmaging, all we did was work on a press break and how weíre going to press other teams. After that we did half-court reviews of the plays, and that was really it. We finished in probably like an hour and 20 minutes.

After practice I tried to do some last minute packing and a couple of us went to Georgetown to an Italian restaurant to get something to eat. We didnít get a chance to look around the campus at Georgetown. We only saw the arena. Of what we did see though the campus looks fairly new and thereís some construction going on, but itís a pretty nice campus.

Iím feeling kind of hot and cold about the trip to Russia. Itís a very, very long flight. We go from here to Frankfurt, Germany. Thatís probably like six hours, and then we have an eight hour layover. Weíre not really looking forward to that part. From Frankfurt, itís another four hour flight to Russia.

Weíre flying business class, so when we get to Frankfurt weíll get to chill in an executive lounge at the airport. I canít imagine thereíll be too much to do during the layover unless youíre an airport shopper, which I definitely am not.

In order to keep myself busy on the flight and during the layover Iíve got a game plan. I have my Nintendo DS, and the games Iím bringing are Super Mario and Mario Kart. Iíll also have my laptop and my I-Pod. I also bought a book called Monster. I saw a TV show about the book and thought it would be interesting. Itís about a former LA gang member. During the first leg of the trip Iíll probably sleep though, we leave at like 9:30 tonight.

I was actually pretty surprised by practice today because we really didnít do anything new. But we do have two more practices before we play. Iím also kind of surprised that we havenít scrimmaged that much either because without actually playing itís kind of hard to see where everyone fits as part of the team.

I guess Iíll have to wait, like the rest of my teammates, until we get to Russia to find out how lineups and playing time will work. Iím looking forward to representing my country on the court and mostly just canít wait to start playing games again.

Make sure to check back here through the next few days. Iíll be updating my blog from Russia. And as always thanks for keeping up with my blog.

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