Candice Duprees Team USA Training Camp Blog - Day 5

Whatís up Sky fans? Itís the fifth day of training camp and Iím glad youíre still keeping up with me. Itís time to get back to the blog.

Todayís practice was cool. It was a bit shorter than normal because it was showcase day for all the fans, which means practice was open to the public so we had a bunch of fans in the gym watching practice. Other than that, practice was pretty much the same. We didnít scrimmage as much as I thought we were going to. We put in a couple more offensive sets, but mostly weíre focusing on working out the kinks of the offensive plays we put in throughout the week.

After practice we signed autographs and got to interact with the fans a little bit which was great, and we talked to some media there as well.

Once we were finished with the fans and media, I went to dinner with some friends from college. A few people I went to school with in Philly drove down and we went to Benihana!!! Yea!! That place has become one of my favorite places to eat, the food is always good and I like watching the food prepared in front of me. Iíve grown so fond of Beniís that when Iím back in Chi, I drive all the way out to Lombard for the food!! Unfortunately, my college friends couldnít stay and hang out. They drove back to Philly after dinner.

Tonight is kind of an exciting night for me. We leave for Russia tomorrow, so Iím spending my time getting my bags situated for the trip. We head to the airport tomorrow (Monday) at 7pm.

Playing in Russia will be exciting because weíll have an opportunity to see what we look like against another team. Throughout this camp Iíve personally learned a lot. Iím playing at the three a lot more, plus thereís stuff Iím trying to work on both offensively and defensively. Playing the three as opposed to the four is a little different but Iím trying to adjust to it. The switch doesnít bother me at all. I know itíll help me expand my game so Iím more than willing to learn the position and make the adjustment, especially if itíll help the team.

What Iím most excited for though is getting the chance to wear the red, white and blue. Itís an honor to represent the country, my family and Chicago so Iím definitely looking forward to it. I hope that I do a good job when Iím on the floor.

Spending time in D.C. has been fun, but I canít wait to get to Russia to start playing games. Make sure to check back with me tomorrow for more updates.

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