Candice Duprees Team USA Training Camp Blog - Day 3

Hey Sky fans, whatís going on? Itís Day 3 of training camp and time to check in again on the blog. Thanks for keeping up with me!

Last night after our visit to the medical center I went back to my room and watched a bit of the WNBA Finals Game 2. I wasnít able to watch the whole game, but the parts I saw where pretty good. Congrats to the Fever for walking away with the win.

This morning we had practice, it went pretty well. Weíre still putting in more offense; we did more shell drills and defensive stuff. There still hasnít been any scrimmaging yet. We also did five-on-zero transition drills.

Iím starting to feel pretty good about practice. Coach Auriemma has made sure not to allow there to be any set groups of players when he puts us on the court so Iíve ended up with different people on the floor each time. Today, in my opinion, we looked a lot better than the last few days. Everybodyís trying to learn new stuff; itís been kind of messy. Today you could tell everyoneís starting to feel more comfortable. The flow of practice was a little smoother.

Todayís practice went for 2 Ĺ hours, theyíre normally only two hours and tomorrow at practice weíre supposed to scrimmage for the first time. Iím looking forward to the scrimmage. Itíll be better than just doing half-court stuff. Itíll be nice to get a chance to get up and down the court a little bit and actually play. Weíll see how that goes.

Well ladies, you can all understand my next little errand, after practice I went and got my hair done. It was definitely that time, ya know!!! Iím not as particular about who does my hair as I am about the way it gets done. I have friends who play on the Mystics that live in D.C. that gave me some solid advice about where I should go, so I took it, turns out their advice was good, Iím happy with my hair. I can check that off my list 

I just finished up at the beauty salon and now Iím at the movie theater trying to figure out what to see. I donít even know whatís out right now so who knows what Iíll end up watching. After the movie Iím supposed to go to dinner with my Nike rep, Ilene.

As far as getting accustomed to D.C., Iíve been here a few times, since we play here during the season before and the city is one of my favorites, so spending time here has been cool. Iíve really enjoyed being in D.C.

Thanks for keeping up with me through training camp Sky fans. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see how our first five-on-five full-court scrimmages go.

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