Candice Dupree’s Team USA Training Camp Blog - Day 9

Ok soooo, today was our last day of practice before we start playing games for the next three days. I got a good night's sleep and headed to breakfast around 9:30. Talk about pointless...all they had to eat was cereal, yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes and some lunch meat. A typical European breakfast that I'm not really a fan of, you know.

We headed for the gym around noon for practice which consisted of some five-on-zero drills, half-court offense and help side rotation drills. For the most part it was just a compilation of all of the things Coach Auriemma has been teaching us over the last week. Lastly, he gave us a pep talk and then we had an opportunity to get up some shots before leaving the gym.

The main point of his talk was on defense. He said that if you play hard D and run the floor, there is no reason you shouldn't play. We have a 13 person rotation so we are all aware of the fact that not everyone will get equal playing time.

After practice we all headed to lunch and then to our rooms to shower. I'm not sure what everyone else did, but I took a two hour nap. By the time I woke up it was time to go to dinner. I feel like all I do when I'm overseas is eat, practice, eat again, nap and eat some more. After dinner Candice Wiggins (Minnesota Lynx), Crystal Langhorne (Washington Mystics), Renee Montgomery (Minnesota Lynx), Rachel Shannon (USA Basketball Security) Kelly Hardwick (USA Basketball Security) and I sat around and chit chatted after dinner before heading to our rooms. We covered a pretty good variety of topics including relationships, NBA players and why is they do the things that they do and the responsibilities of public figures versus families pertaining to educating Americaís youth. I'm in for the night and plan on conquering Super Mario once and for all.

I didnít get to see the game the other night but I heard that Phoenix tied the series with Indiana and now they are headed back to Phoenix for game five. Honestly I think itís anyoneís game. It would be great if Indiana won a championship but for some reason I have a feeling that Phoenix is going to pull out a win.

Thanks again for keeping tabs on whatís going on with me during my time USA Basketball. Until tomorrow...take care.

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