Candice Dupree: The Awesome Angels

Hey Sky fans!

It's been a long time since I've chatted with you all. For those of you that don't know, I am playing for the Good Angels over in Slovakia. I really didn't know what to expect prior to coming here, but so far I am enjoying myself. This has been my best overseas experience so far. The organization is great, and the coaches and players are some of the nicest people Iíve ever met. With that being said, we've exceeded everyone's expectations on the court. The team got off to a slow start in Euro League by going 0-3. Soon after that, changes were made and we've been playing well ever since. We just finished competing in the Final Eight of Euro League against one of the power houses of Europe...EKATERINBURG. Game two was last night and let's just say the outcome wasn't in our favor! It's not easy playing against all of those "trees" they have on their team! Game One was on Feb. 23 ... it didnít go any better. Because we lost and our Euro League season is over I wonít be playing over here for another month. The general manager has allowed me to go home and come back to play for two weeks in the Slovakian finals at the beginning of April.

As far as the Slovakian league goes, we are favored to win it. We have yet to lose a game, and I hope that while Angel McCoughtry and I are gone the team will continue to win, until we make it back in April.

I'm looking forward to having the next month off and to have a change of scenery. I will make the trip to Poland for the Euro League All-Star game on March 9th. After that I plan on soaking up the sun in Florida (I know you're all so jealous in Chicago), enjoying my family, working out and doing a little stateside traveling. Until next time ... I hope you all stay warm and are getting excited for the 2010 season at Allstate!

- CD

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