Bo Knows...Training Camp

Hey Sky fans, Coach Bo here, and welcome to Bo Knows… Each week or so, I will provide you with some “head coaching” insight about what's going on in the world of sports, and maybe beyond. Who knows, I may talk about my favorite movies or places to eat. You may even come across some insider information about what is going on with the Sky!

This week, I would like to share with you:

Top 10 Training Camp Tid Bits

10) Excitement on the Rookie’s faces as Training Camp begins

9) Getting together with players for 1st time and watching them Bowl and have fun

8) Watching Armintie Price run and jump

7) Watching the talented staff of Stephanie White, Roger Reding and Steve Key work with these players

6) Hanging out at the Bulls game with Candice Dupree and the crazy Bulls Fans

5) Being able to watch Stacey Dales finally get to play ball instead of talking so much about it

4) Laughing at Kayte Christensen while she takes care of all the young players like a mother hen

3) The anticipation of Monique and Dominique arriving at camp next week

2) The unreal job that Georgia and her staff does of putting all this stuff on

1) Laughing at our players because they say Ann our strength coach makes them a lot more sore than I do

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