Bo Knows...the NCAA Tournament

Hey Sky fans, Coach Bo here, and welcome to Bo Knows… Each week or so, I will provide you with some “head coaching” insight about what's going on in the world of sports, and maybe beyond. Who knows, I may talk about my favorite movies or places to eat. You may even come across some insider information about what is going on with the Sky!

This week on Bo Knows I'll share some thoughts on the first round of the Women's NCAA Tournament.

Games to look for in week one of NCAA Tournament:

1) Watch out for DePaul...dangerous team that matches up well with Georgia Tech and Purdue. Plus they are our hometown team!

2) Look out for Texas A&M vs. George Washington game. The coaches are golfing buddies- they're going to have to take all of their talk to the floor! And now they're going to ask me for more strokes on the course.

3) Oklahoma State is a dangerous team in the Greensboro bracket. They have the athletes to play with Vandy.

4) Oklahoma vs. Marquette...what can I say, they are my two favorite college teams.

5) You have to like Temple and Rutgers....Candice Dupree and Chelsea Newton....need I say more?

6) Upset special? This is what the tournament is all about! Oral Roberts over Purdue! Our new assistant Stephanie White will be happy with me for this one (it also will give DePaul a better chance to get to the Sweet 16).

Tune in next week and I'll tell you my Final Four picks.