Hear the touching stories from those who have battled breast cancer or have/had a loved one with breast cancer. Click here to share your own story or read the stories below of those who have fought cancer.

"My mother is small but mighty. She is loving, thoughtful, kind, and also a fighter who will stand up for herself and others. She stands strong in the face of adversity. Afterall, she wouldn't be here if she didn't. As a three-time breast cancer survivor, my mother, Cynthia Duncan, embodies strength, grace, faith, and sheer toughness. Through her battles with cancer, she has become not only a better mother and friend, but an incredible advocate for the cause and those affected by this terrible disease. Even when she was undergoing chemotherapy, she would be willing to share a motivational thought or pray with another who was going through the same thing. In even her darkest moments, she showed concern and compassion for others, and continues to put me and my dad first in her life. My mother has shown me how to be a survivor. She is resilient." - Tai D.

Hello my name is Alberto and I would just like to tell you a little about my mother Perla. She's an inspiration to allot of people that know her. She was diagnosed with stage 2-3 breast cancer in November of 2011, since then with the relentless determination of the doctors and staff at Mt.Sinai hospital she is cancer free. Through out this experience me and my two brothers would help keep her spirits up as best as we can, now that she is in a better state of health she has started a support group at the hospital to help other men and women cope with their cancer. She has spoken at seminars and has done radio interviews to help spread awareness, I coach baseball at a local high school and she even spoke to my boys about reminding their female family members to take preventive measures and get screened. I love my mom very much and her experiences have taught us a lot and I like to think a lot of other people as well. Thanks ACS for listening and all the work you do - Alberto H.

In 2011 at the age of 41, I was diagnosed with DCIS, the earliest stage of breast cancer. While I am grateful to have caught my cancer before it became an invasive disease, I was devastated to learn of my condition. The diagnosis came at a difficult time in my life (as if there's a more opportune time to get cancer) and as a result, I was forced to redirect my attention to fighting this disease. My husband and I became actively engaged with my care team. I had recalled my grandmother's fight with the same condition several years prior and found strength in knowing she had beat breast cancer. More importantly, I relied on my faith in Jesus to comfort and carry me through this experience. With the Lord's help, I have become a better wife, mother and friend. My message to young women is to take charge of their health and get screened early. Since I had a family history of breast cancer, I began yearly mammograms at the age of 38. I am fully convinced that early detection helped save my life and I'm telling my story to help save the lives of others. - Stephanie C.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2004 at age 42. Oddly enough I was playing flag football and got hit in the right breast. It was 5 months later when they finally found it, due to the injury, as a mammogram missed it. I had 7 surgeries, 8 chemos, 28 radiations and 2 infections, but was cancer free in 2005. However, in 2011 the cancer came back in my spine, liver, and lungs. I am now living with Stage 4 cancer and had to give up football, basketball and softball. I had 10 more radiations and have been back on chemo for over a year, but I am still fighting this disease. I got season's tickets to the Blue Hens games last year to watch Elena in her senior year...what a treat and an amazing ride for the team and fans. Now I am a Sky fan and catch up with Elena and the team on your website. Read about the game on 8/23 and decided to share my story. Elena and her family are a huge inspiration and I get strength to fight harder when I see heartfelt stories like that. I do have tickets to the game on 9/8 in Washington and can't wait to see Elena and the Sky win! I have been raising money and supporting ACS the past 8 years with my Relay for Life team. I want to thank the Sky for supporting ACS and their fight against cancer. Thank you! - Kathy C.

At last year's game, I was bidding on a pink jersey to help support the cause. Little did I know that this year I am one of the people being supported. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and just finished treatment, which included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I am a season ticket holder and am proud to say I only missed one game due to treatment. Attending games and watching the away games on Live Access has helped me keep a sense of normalcy. - Amanda W.

I am a survivor and grateful to be alive. Mamgraphy Screenings for are so important for inner city women of color. The Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Awareness Task Force takes it to the streets and gets women to sign up for Mamography screenings. - Carole