Behind the Scenes with Sky Interns II

With five home games under our belt, the unfamiliarity we felt during the first home game has disappeared. Most of the interns have gotten in to a certain routine when they arrive at the Allstate Arena on game nights. We know what has to be set-up for our departments, where things go, and what time everything needs to be ready. After the set-up is done, it is then time to anxiously await for the doors to open and sky fans to enter! Once the game starts, you can find interns all around the Allstate Arena, performing their tasks they have prepared all week for. Whether they are working the fan services table, raising money for Sky Cares, assisting the media, or running in-game promotions, all their hard work goes towards making sure that everyone attending the sky games has an enjoyable time.

Last intern blog you heard from Carter Schick, my fellow intern. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Katie Nessling, an intern for the Sky’s Vice President of Operations. I have been working for the Sky since March. I graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science as well as Business Management from Carthage College in May. After the Sky season, I will be attending Illinois State University to get my Masters in Sports Management. So far interning for the Sky has been an amazing experience. I have met a lot of great people, learned a lot about all aspects of the organization, and am looking forward to learning even more as the season progresses!

During the last few games, voting for the All-star game has kept Carter and I busy. As the All-Star game will be held in San Antonio, we have decided to promote voting with a western theme. We created “Wanted” themed signs that we put up all around the arena encouraging fans to vote! We have 5 players that are nominated for the game including Fowles, Prince, Vandersloot, Young, and Snow. We want the Chicago Sky to be represented at the all-star game, so don’t forget to vote! When the doors opened the past few games, you could find Carter and I at the All-Star booth encouraging you to vote on the computer. There is a lot of other fun and games on the concourse and last game Carter could be found learning dance moves from the Sky Flight Crew!

Once the game begins, you can usually find us either at the scorers table courtside tweeting throughout the game or near the Sky Cares table. The Sky Cares table is one of my favorite places on the concourse and I like to think of myself as an honorary member of the community relations staff during the game. In order to get a more in depth perspective of everything that goes on in Community Relations, I decided to ask intern Stephanie Lovingood about her experience so far. If you have been to the Sky Cares table at a Sky game this year, Stephanie is usually the one who has convinced you to spin the prize wheel, and donate money for a good cause - The Sky Cares Foundation! Stephanie told me that what she enjoys most so far about being a community relations intern for the Sky is meeting new people, attending events in the community, and bringing not-for profit organizations to the game. So far this season, the community relations interns have been doing a fantastic job at raising money for the Sky Cares Foundation. The Sky Cares Foundation supports the Sky’s mission of building girls’ self-esteem and providing girls and young women with positive mentors.

Since the last blog, we have also had some exciting promotion nights at the Allstate Arena. These included Pride night and Go Green week! These days included special T-shirts and activities for fans to enjoy!

Be sure to look for our intern blog next week! We will provide you with more stories, insights, and thoughts about not only life as an intern but also life within the Chicago Sky organization!