Athlete Ambassador Kick Off

Chicago Sky has announced their partnership with World Sport Chicago (WSC) Thursday. The Sky will take part in the WSC Athlete Ambassador program, which connects professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes and teams to elementary schools in Chicago, Ill. to promote health, teamwork and discipline.

On Thursday, Chicago Sky mascot Sky Guy joined fellow mascots, teams and athletes from the Chicago Blackhawks, Roosevelt University, the University of Chicago, Chicago Fire, Northwestern University and more to kick off the program at Perez Elementary School.

The Sky will work with two CPS schools, Hamilton Elementary School and Bernhard Moos Elementary, throughout the year. Sky players, coaches and staff will visit the two schools three times throughout the year. During the visits, the Sky will promote a healthy, active lifestyle through lessons and activities along with sharing life values to motivate and teach goal-setting skills.

World Sport Chicago applies CPS’ pilot physical education (PE) initiative “30+20+10 “ to encourage youth to stay active throughout the day. The program breakdown introduces a daily plan of 30 minutes of physical education, 20 minutes of recess and 10 minutes of classroom breaks for physical activity. The 30+20+10 program aims to build healthy habits for the long run as well as giving children the tools to stay focus throughout the school day.

Along with visits by Sky players, coaches and staff to each school, the Sky will invite all schools participating in the program to attend Chicago Sky games during the 2014 season. Hosting these students at the games will allow the children to see the core values of WSC including teamwork, respect, discipline, activity and goal setting in action.

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