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Training Camp is Getting Heated

Posted on 5/3 by Will Steinberg

If there is one thing that feels different about this year’s Sky, it’s that this group HATES to lose and just because you may be going up against your teammate in practice doesn’t mean she’s going to take it easy on you.

After a simple layup drill brought out the cheers and laughter from the team due to Sylvia Fowles throwing down TWO effortless thunderous dunks, Pokey split the team in half to run a full-court self-coached scrimmage with the ever keen-eyed Jeff House officiating.

The Black Shirts featured Vandersloot at the point with Peddy and Prince on the wings and Fowles, Wisdom-Hylton and Riley rotating in the post.

The White shirts matched up with Penicheiro at the point, Carter and Cash on the wings and rotated Chester-Wootton, Swords and Johnson down low.

It did not take long for this game to get physical. Epiphanny gave Swin no ground. Every time Swin called for the ball, Prince was on top of her and nothing came easy. Cash was relentless but couldn’t dominate the matchup.

Ticha and Courtney battled to a draw as they went head to head with Ticha winning on style points with a dazzling display of spin moves and slippery no-look passes, but Courtney held her own and didn’t back down from the physical Penicheiro, controlled the tempo, and found easy scoring opportunities for her squad.

The rookie guards continued to show off their quickness as Sydney made a nice steal on Prince to go coast to coast before heading to the line after a contested layup. Peddy led everyone in scoring with seven points including two quick layups in about ten seconds followed by a three pointer that came moments later.

In the end the Black Shirts behind Sylvia’s fervent voice and dominance in the paint prevailed. When all was said and done, both sides were exhausted and hoping to get some rest. Pokey called Shay Murphy, who arrived this morning, to the free throw line, and told the team they were through if Shay could make the free throw.

Looking confident and still wearing her clothes from the flight, Shay nailed the high pressure shot and the team headed out of the gym for some much needed rest.

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