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Posted on 5/2 by Will Steinberg

Following the first two-a-day practice of the preseason on Tuesday, the team seemed pleasantly surprised to find practice this morning consisting of an extended session of stretching, free throw shooting and a few offensive walk-throughs.

I checked in with Pokey to get her take on the progress of the rookies. Overall she’s pleased.

“Yesterday they were really good - collectively and individually. Sydney Carter had a really good showing and I say that because it was on a side of the ball which is not always glamorized. She was not only very good defensively but also offensively. Shey did well. Felicia and LJ did too. It was almost like the jitters were gone. They were relaxing. The vets were talking to them. They are all a little more comfortable and are letting their natural play come out. So, I’d say they all had a pretty good showing.”

The team is still waiting on Young, Murphy and Willingham to return to the U.S. and that may be why the wing players may look the most fatigued from yesterday’s run as they’re taking extra reps while the other spots have deeper rotations.

All twelve will be back on the court again this afternoon for a more heated workout. And Pokey doesn’t plan to take it easy on them.

“This afternoon is going to be tough,” she said. “I have more scheduled than we will probably do, but we will be pushing everyone to the limit.”

Check back in a few days as we continue to report from training camp!

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