Wyckoff Update From Spain…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey Sky Fans, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and for those of you who choose not to celebrate the Hallmark holiday, happy mid-February!

Every time I write a blog I am reminded of how quickly the off-season goes. The WNBA season will be starting a little bit later this year than in the past but it is still practically right around the corner. I hope everyone is getting excited and ready for a great season.

As for me and my time in Madrid, I am continuing to enjoy it as much as ever. Unfortunately my team hasn’t won too many games, but we are fighting every week to survive. For those of you who aren’t familiar with overseas basketball, in many countries, Spain included, the leagues work a bit differently than they do in the WNBA and NBA. The biggest difference is that in most leagues overseas teams are not just fighting for a playoff spot in the post season, they are also fighting to maintain their spot in the league for the next season. The league I play in (Liga Feminina 1) sends the two bottom placing teams to the second division league for the following season. Likewise, the top two teams from the second division take the places of the teams that went down the year before.

The team I play for now won the second division last year to earn a spot in the top division this season. It can be a huge task to be a team that has just “come up” and have to play against very strong teams who have a lot of experience and winning histories. At this point there is no chance for us to make the playoffs, but we have an even bigger mission now and are fighting every week to win games in order to maintain our spot in the top league for next year. We still have a lot of work to do and only eight games left to play. It has been tough at times because I really believe we have a talented and capable team. But we are very young and inexperienced and have lost nine games in the fourth quarter or in overtime by a very close margin. By the way, we played Armintie’s team a couple weeks ago and thanks to her amazing play the game wasn’t very close. Thanks AP handing us a loss!!

As tough as it can get sometimes, I believe in this team and wouldn’t trade my experience this season for anything. It is true that winning games and being successful is why we play the game. But like they say, “you can’t win ‘em all!!” So what I will remember at the end of this season, and my career when that day should come, is all the friendships I’ve won.

I will also always remember all the great support I’ve had throughout the years. And that most certainly includes the support of the great Sky fans! You guys are truly great and I am so excited for the opportunity to see all of you again this summer. I believe the Sky will do some great things this year and I know you guys will be there every step of the way helping us to victory!! Thanks in advance, we’ll see you real soon!!!