Update From Israel

Shalom from Israel. It's me, Jia, checking in to give ya'll an update on what's going on with me here in the Holy Land. First of all, I finally got to go to Jerusalem and see the Temple that is built where Jesus was crucified and buried. I can now say I have walked where Jesus walked! I feel like my trip to Israel is complete.

I'm learning a little bit of the language here. I'm kind of forced to because Aalirah, my daughter, is going to kindergarten here and they speak Hebrew. Sometimes she speaks to me in Hebrew and I have to ask my roommate what she is saying. It's definitely a good thing for me, but especially good for Aalirah. My baby is going to be tri-lingual.

There are a few good restaurants that have American foods like burgers, chicken salad, chicken wings, pancakes, bacon -- you get the picture. So I've been eating pretty well. The best thing about these restaurants is that we get 50% off, so I don't really do too much cooking. Unfortunately, I did get sick from eating some chicken that wasn't cooked all the way. I experienced the most excruciating stomach pains I have ever felt in my life. I mean this was worst than my birth pains!! I know you don't believe me but I'm serious. It lasted for whole days! On the second day, I had to wake my roommate up and had her take me to the hospital -- I couldn't take the pain anymore. So I got an IV and some drugs to help get me better. I called Chas (Chasity Melvin) and told her I was sick and that I thought it was from some chicken I had eaten at Dixie. She told me that you have to be careful eating chicken from here because they don't cook it all the way. Can you believe that? I was like "Thanks, Chas, for telling me after the fact!!" But I'm glad that's over with.

The people here are very nice and extremely helpful. Most of them speak English, which is convenient for me. Also, the road signs are in English which makes life in Israel so much easier! So over all, Israel is a fantastic place with a great night life. Even though I've only been out once, it's good to know that I have an option to go cut a rug.

Now let's talk basketball. My team, Electra Ramat Hasharon, is currently tied for first place. We have only lost one game in the Israeli league and lost one in the Euro Cup, so we are playing well. I've been playing both point guard and shooting guard but mostly the 2 because you know I like to shoot. I had a triple double in our last game versus Holon, 27 points 10 rebounds, 10 assists. I haven't had a game like that in a long time, so I was happy about that. You may have already heard that I got November Player of the Month.

I appreciate everyone's support and I hope this reaches ya'll in good health, God Bless!

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