Training Camp Has Begun!

The 2007 version of the Chicago Sky took the court for the first time on Monday, April 23. Before the Sky had their first ever practice with new Head Coach Bo Overton, all players participated in Media Day at the Solheim Center at Moody Bible Institute.

Currently in Camp:
Returning players: Stacey Dales, Candice Dupree, Amanda Lassiter, Liz Moeggenberg, Brooke Wyckoff

Free agents: Kayte Christensen, Cisti Greenwalt, Dionnah Jackson

Draft picks: Armintie Price, Carla Thomas, Stephanie Raymond, Jenna Rubino

Training camp invitees: Claire Coggins, Christina Quaye, Elisha Turek, Chelsi Welch

Cathy Joens is also an invitee, but has not arrived to camp yet.

2006 Sky center Bernadette Nygoisa is currently injured and we are not sure of her prognosis. Sky 2006 forward Stacey Lovelace is a free agent and has not signed a contract for the 2007 season. Neither of these players are in training camp.

Dominique Canty and Monique Currie are currently playing overseas and are expected to report to camp in early May. Due to their late arrival they will not play in the 5/2 pre-season game and are unlikely to play in the exhibition game in Milwaukee on 5/4. Jia Perkins has left camp to be with her family after the death of her father; will return soon.

Deanna Jackson has been suspended from the team following a post-game altercation with another player in Israel.

Overton had this to say about how training camp is going, "I am really impressed so far with how the draft picks have performed in camp and how the free agents have come in here and shown what they can do. It is very encouraging to see how hard they are playing. Our veterans have come into camp in great shape, and they've been playing with great excitment. I am really looking forward to Monique Currie and Dominique Canty getting here so we all can see what they will bring to the table."

The following are some photos from Media Day:

2006 Rookie All-Star Candice Dupree is ready to help the Sky fly high in 2007. Dupree spent some of her off-season playing overseas in Russia before returning to the states to finish up her college degree at Temple.

After spending the majority of her time on the road this off-season with ESPN, guard Stacey Dales is glad to be home and is in great shape for the season.

Brooke Wyckoff, another returning veteran, spent her off-season working at Ariel Capital and playing professionally in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain. Wyckoff is extremely excited to return to the court after missing the last half of the 2006 season with a hand injury.

First round draft pick (3rd overall) Armintie Price made her first appearance in her Sky uniform on Monday. Price is just the fifth player in NCAA history to record over 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds, 300 assists and 300 steals, and promises to bring her high energy and speed to the court this season for the Sky. She told one of the news crews that she would dunk a tennis ball after practice-and they came back to watch her do it!

Carla Thomas was selected 10th overall by the Sky, and will be a huge addition down low this season.

Training Camp invitee Chelsi Welch, from Oklahoma University, has a little fun during media day showing off her skills. NBC-5 showed her spinning the ball on their late news on Monday night!

Media Day could not end without a little fun from the 2007 rookie class.

This one is their "gangsta" pose!

Here are some pictures of the rest of the players currently in camp:

Kayte Christensen
Claire Coggins
Cisti Greenwalt
Dionnah Jackson
Amanda Lassiter
Liz Moeggenberg
Jia Perkins
Christina Quaye
Stephanie Raymond
Jenna Rubino
Elisha Turek

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