Top of the Key #3

Hey Sky fans! Hope all is well. I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the players returning and getting ready for a great season...and from the players blogs I see they too are excited to get the season underway.

Along with scouting potential players for the 2009 draft, I recently dropped in on Dominique Canty, Brooke Wyckoff and Candice Dupree. Ok I know youíre wondering how I can just drop by on them when they are in Europe and not exactly around the corner. Well itís amazing what a travel agent can do for you when you need to get to Krakow Poland for a few days and then onto Madrid Spain.

I just want to let you know that they are all doing well and finishing up the European season. They were kind enough to take time from practice and games to show me around their cities. I had never been to either Krakow or Madrid so it was fun being a tourist. We even got out the camera and took some pictures. I will include some at the end.

Krakow was a bit cold, but I still had a chance to let Dominique and Candice show me a few sights. Before ducking into a popular meeting place with the young people to get warm and have some ďhot cocoa.Ē Thatís right I said young and included myself, because how else can I beat father time!

I caught the first bobsled out of Poland heading for Spain, by way of Belgium a few days later. I was very impressed with Madrid. I donít think it was just the weather either. It is a very beautiful old city that has a modern feel. I was so impressed that I did something I always said I wouldnít do. I bought a ticket on one of those double-decker buses and took in the sights, come on you know the ones you see here on Michigan Ave., with all the tourists and cameras flashing. We have all laughed at them with the headphones on, needless to say I was that guy. Brooke was a great guide and pointed me in the right direction for more interesting sights. It helps when you can speak the language and although my Spanish is very elementary, Brooke is a pro!!

I am sorry I did not get a chance to catch up with all the Sky players this offseason, but I am very confident the time I got to spend with Candice, Dominique and Brooke will bring us all closer and on the same page as we put together a team that you, the SKY fans can continue to be proud of.

Well I am off to the airport, but fortunately just a quick trip to Maryland to watch the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA tournament. Donít forget to get in on the fun and fill out a bracket and test your basketball knowledge. Who knows, you may just choose the winning team and perhaps see the player we pick later in April.

Coach Key