Top of the Key #2

Hey Sky Fans! Coach Key here, as promised. I hope everyone is getting their warm clothes out of the closets, because it is really getting cold! It seems like only a week ago we had 70 degree weather here in Chicago, oh wait a minute, we did!!

Well since being back I accomplished a lot. I moved-out, moved-in, traveled and voted. As you may have heard I dropped in on Sylvia over in Russia for a couple days last month while I was on my vacation (ssssshhh wife still doesnít know I snuck away to do some work). I had a great time catching up with her and her mom.

As far as the game I attended with Big Syl in action...not to worry they won by 70pts! If you havenít read Sylís blog to see who is on her team, click here and you will understand why they won by so many points. After the game, Sylvia took me out for dinner and to catch up. Of course we found a very international restaurant that served what else but PIZZA. Sylvia seems to be adjusting well to the European season. It helps that Momma Fowles is around. I took some pictures of my visit that I would like to share (check out the bottom of the page); most are when I took in some sightseeing before her game. I visited Red Square, where most of the exciting stuff is. I watched a changing of the guard, took a picture in front of Leninís Mausoleum and stopped by the history museum and made some new friends.

Once back in the states itís been nonstop. I first had to move out of my old place and into a new one in only a couple of days. It was hectic. Then there was a little thing happening on November 4th that I had to get done by the end of the day. I hope everyone got a chance to vote and be a part of history. Change and Hope do not come along often enough and I wish President-Elect Obama all the success possible.

Well I guess thatís enough for now. I may check back in soon as I will be on the road looking for some SKY talent that I need to let you know about. Until then be safe and enjoy the holidays.

My Tour of Russia

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