Top of the Key

Hey SKY Fans!!

Coach Key here just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for the support this past season. We: the basketball staff, players and front office personnel truly appreciate each and everyone who came out to see us at the UIC Pavilion.

Since the season has ended everyone here in the office has been hard at work thinking of ways to make your time spent at the game more enjoyable. Coach White,Coach Mitchell and I have had several meetings recapping the season. We all agree that the 2008 season was not how we saw things shaping up on the court, but we believe we are on the right track to developing a team that Chicago can continue to be very proud of in the near future. Additionally, I had the pleasure of sitting in on an end of the year business meeting last week! Let me tell you, I thought we, the players and coaches, worked hard! As usual I walked out of that meeting with a deeper appreciation for those who don’t always get to be seen, but who have an important job. Margaret Stender is doing an outstanding job in leading the troops.

I am writing this blog from Europe where my wife Janka and daughter Sidney are presently on vacation. No, please don’t think I am rubbing it in. I am also at work (don’t tell Janka). I will travel soon to visit some of our players at their European teams. First up is Big Syl. She is playing this off-season in Russia for Spartak Moscow, along with fellow WNBA players Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson. I am looking forward to seeing them play together. I hope to visit a couple more players before we head home at the end of the month. Either way pictures will be sent.

Actually I just received an email from the league requesting my presence in New Jersey for a General Manager/Head Coaches WNBA Competition Committee meeting in early November. I will also get a chance to attend a WNBA Sales and Marketing meeting, where I am sure to find some more hardworking people. I know everyone wants to know what draft position we will end of with for next WNBA draft. I hope to find out when the drawing will be held, as I am very excited to add the next talented young player to our/your team. Whatever the position drawn (1-5), I am sure she will fit just fine and help us to win MANY more games than this past season.

Speaking of draft picks. Coach White and Coach Mitchell will be on the lookout all-around the country for the Best player FOR the SKY. Coach Mitchell lives in California, so he will take care of the scouting on the West Coast. Although he will not be battling the snow and cold like some of us, we can expect him to see all the talent the PAC 10 and other conferences have to offer. Coach White will be responsible for the Midwest college conferences like the SEC, Big 12 and Big 10. She has a great advantage over other Midwest scouts because she works for the Big 10 Network during the off season, where she is in studio as well as courtside getting an up close look. So if you want to get an early scoop on some of the country’s best players tune in and catch a show.

Well as you can tell I could just keep going and going and going……… get the picture. Thanks for letting me share some of what we are doing while you anxiously await the beginning of next season. I will be checking in again before the winter holidays so until then stay dry, warm or cold depending on where you are.

Coach Key

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