Stephanie Raymond Update

Hey, everyone!!! Howís it going?

Wanted to give all of you Sky fans a quick update on what Iíve been up to since the season ended. I had a short break after our last game but, except for that, my off season has been pretty busy.

I am currently in Dekalb, IL completing my undergraduate degree in teaching from Northern Illinois University. I will receive my Bachelor of Science degree in May of 2008! Aside from being a student, I am also a student coach for the NIU womenís basketball team -- Iíve STILL managed to fill my days with basketball, even though Iím not playing overseas. I love it!! Iíve had to adjust to being on the sidelines v. playing on the court. Iím learning a lot and I have a great appreciation for all the coaches who have coached me in my basketball career.

I have recently traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a basketball tournament with the NIU team. It was so exciting except for the fact that it was only sunny two days out of the week. We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience. They had entertainment almost every night for the guests and my favorite night was when they featured a Mexican imitator of Michael Jackson. It was unreal. This guy was REALLY good. He danced just like Michael and Iím still not sure if he was lip-syncing or if he was actually singing. He was that good!!

Iíve been following the league like the rest of you Sky fans and I have to say I am really excited about the expansion team in Atlanta. I think itís really important for the league to keep expanding to major cities. Also, having the number two pick in the 2008 WNBA Draft is a huge factor for the Sky; itís going to be exciting to see who we pick.

I really miss being in Chicago, even though Iím only 60 miles away. I loved living downtown and having the freedom to walk to restaurants and go shopping. I also miss my teammates, most of whom are overseas. I talked to Armintie a couple of times while she was in Russia and now Iím happy sheís back. Iím really enjoying being close to my family, especially right now around the holidays. That's always a plus, but I'm ready to be around the team and be in Chicago again!!

Well, just a quick update from me, but I look forward to seeing everyone back at UIC Pavilion in 2008! Have a great holiday season!

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