Staceyís Blog #1

Hey again basketball friends! Please excuse my tardiness in writing this blog entry. To be quite honest, I had planned on reaching out just prior to the start of the Womenís NCAA tournament, however, became entirely consumed with all that goes into the necessary preparation and work. So, here I am and the WNBA season is finally just a breath away.

Itís hard to believe that the seven month television season, my off-season, came to a close recently. From college football to menís and womenís college basketball, it was plenty of travel, long hours, and exciting events. The NCAA Womenís tourney was one of the best Iíve ever participated in, as it was full of startling upsets and classic underdog moments that truly foreshadowed a continuum of uniformity within the womenís game.

Part of the fun throughout the tournament, was simply getting the opportunity to once again work alongside Kara Lawson and Trey Wingo on-set. If you saw any of our coverage outside of the stirring action on the court and you quickly surmised that Kara is brilliant in her perspective of the game, and Trey is far too funny for his own good, you were absolutely correct in your analysis. Kara quite naturally shines at whatever she does because of her inherent intelligence and work ethic, and Trey, well, he never ceased to keep us laughing throughout the sometimes 16 hour days of what often turned into delirium.

While the eight month off-period is nearing a close, anticipation is whisking in Chicago for the season that is no longer expansion! We have a new staff lead by Head Coach Bo Overton, a strong consistency of core players returning, and several fresh faces that will have immediate impact. Though I reside in Chicago, most athletes will be arriving into the Windy City sometime throughout the course of the week, as training camp begins April 22nd.

Iím eager to step back on the court and get to business with my teammates new and present, and couldnít be more excited about the players that we acquired in the draft. Having covered the womenís college basketball season and having seen an array of talent, Iím confident that Oleí Miss guard Armintie Priceís speedy services will be of essence immediately, especially at the defensive end. And, while Iím looking forward to competing alongside our entire roster, I canít wait to see Candace Dupree return from what was a splendid, All-Star Rookie seasonóshe is as smooth as they come and an admirable teammate to boot.

So, with all said, itís time to play! I know that I speak for all of my teammates when I say please come and enjoy the second season with us, and become a key cog in what we hope to be a successful year of growth with the Sky Franchise. Oh, and before I forget, I told you folks that Iíd share a couple of my musical favoritesólistening to music is my preferred hobby and a perfect partner to cooking dinner in the kitchen. A few include, Ray LaMontagne, Damien Rice, Susie Suh and some old school Jagged Edge. Safe travels to all of the WNBA players near and far, and of course, go Sky!

~Yours in Sport,
Stacey D.

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