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It's time for more news from Sky country! Before I enlighten you to my most recent tails, I'd like to thank those of you that took the time to send in a variety of thoughts, reflections, and inquiries pertaining to our team. I have dissected your emails and will respond to a few of them at the close of my blog. It's a flattering and prideful feeling to know that you took the time and interest to address our ball-club, and I encourage you to keep 'em coming!

Now that training camp has come to a close, and the regular season has begun, I can assure you that we Sky players are more than excited for the 2007 season and will work steadfastly on the court throughout. In just a tight three to four week span, we have learned many of the intricacies of Coach Bo's schemes and we've also learned plenty about the idiosyncrasies of one another. With that in mind, I thought it appropriate to give you and inside look at our team and a few of the personalities for which it beholds. All too often you see us clawing and scratching in action, but the question is what don't you see?

Before I give you the low-down, I should probably tell you a little about myself. I love basketball intensely and I'm passionate about everything that plays out in my life. I absolutely love to laugh, or cackle as we women call it in the Dales household - a trait passed down from my wonderful mum Heather and her sister Kathy :) As some of you know, I took a year off from playing in 2004. One of the biggest things that I missed outside of the competition was the unbridled joy of being a kid again and cackling for no reason at all, all of the time, while enjoying the comradeship of teammates! When I slide into my uniform, lace my sneakers, and entertain two hours of pre-practice treatment and therapy, because I'm kind of a washed up old veteran at this point, I can still revert back to being ten years old again with teammates. I act far too silly at times, make really stupid jokes that I subsequently laugh at with the absurd notion that I find myself the slightest bit funny, and can only giggle as I sit and write this at the thought of it all. So, on to my mates...

If there's one player that makes me laugh literally on sight it's Monique Currie. There could be six football fields separating us, she but a speck of dreadlocks on the horizon, me just a faint tree branch looming in the wind, and just the mere sight of her would more than likely break me into purposeless rolling laughter. You may see Mo as a quietly reserved fierce competitor between the lines, but she's really a joke waiting to pop. When Mo showed up in Chicago for training camp, she was intent on finding transportation - an efficient way to get from her apartment to the gym. So, she headed to Target and bought a beautiful shiny blue cruiser bike. The kind with Mary Poppins-like handle bars and tall seat for the smooth, pimped-out comfort ride. The best part however, was the little bell that Mo self-installed for absolute safety and security in the busy streets of Chicago. So, if you're ever driving through town and happen to see a six-footer on a 1960s style bike with luxuriously gorgeous dreadlocks flowing softly behind, it may just be my teammate Mo Currie - God love her.

Kayte Christensen reminds me a lot of myself because of her desperate love for animals. She in fact has three beautiful babies, two cutie pie Beagles named Hekter and Ella, and an adoring Miniature Daschund named Misha. You must understand however, these dogs are everything to Kayte and never a day passes when there isn't some canine story surfacing in the locker room. One day we heard about how Hekter decided it would be fun to empty his bladder on six month old Misha in the small patch of grass that resides in the heart of downtown, or how little Ella waddles like a penguin because Kayte may feed her just a few too many scraps from the hand. If you saw her sweet brown eyes you'd follow suit. But, my favorite story so far came about the day that we were leaving for our first game in New York City. No sooner did we finish practice then Kayte got an urgent phone call from her apartment management. Apparently, handsome Hekter is quite adept at opening doors. Hekter saw Mommy packing early that morning and after she left, rumor has it that he dressed quickly in his shining armor, escaped the apartment with the slick swipe of a paw on the doorknob, and set off to steal Kayte back. Hekter was found walking aimlessly throughout the apartment hallway and Kayte was put to crunch time in securing him back into her apartment before our departure. My admiration runs deep for Kayte because never a complaint is spoken. Lucky dogs are Hekter, Ella, and Misha.

If there's a player that's as sarcastic as me it's Candice Dupree. Candice's humor is as dry as an expensive Chardonnay. Always calm, glides through most anything, and never seems to rattle. But, the simple thing that I love most about Candice is her moniker. We affectionately call Candice, "Candy-Jo" after learning last season that her middle name is Joanna. So, if you're ever courtside and hear us chanting "Candy," or are reading an article about "Candy-Jo," this is why. It may not seem very funny to you, but if you knew how devilishly sarcastic and smoothly witty Candy is, you'd have fond appreciation.

Then there's rookie Claire Coggins. Talk about a vibrant, energetic personality. We teammates quickly came to learn that Claire is in fact obsessed with Mariah Carey, so much so, that she poetically names certain parts of her life, "Mariah & Carey¨. Claire loves Mariah as much as kids love candy. All told she is a riot to be around.

We've got a superstar in the making in Armintie Price who is without doubt, the most athletic female I've ever seen and can effortlessly 360 her way up to the rim at any given moment. I won't lie, at times I look like a granny trying to guard "AP" in practice, but I smile at her humility and marvel at her zest for life. We appreciate Dominique Canty for her confident prowess and wisdom, Brooke Wyckoff for her always fashionable style, and Liz Moeggenberg for unleashing her pleasantly sardonic sense of humor, now a second year vet. Cathy Jones is as quiet as a mouse but has a jumper like a cannonball and Carla Thomas may be the most mature presence on our team albeit a rookie. Stephanie Raymond has been a terrific addition to our backcourt and plays far bigger than her 5'5" frame. If you are ever looking for a model mother look no further than Jia Perkins. She has a most precious baby girl with the manners of a princess.

Once again, I've rambled far too long to the tune of this keyboard but hopefully I've given you a solid glance into the makeup of our roster, and more a little taste of what I get to experience everyday in my Sky uniform. Please continue to send your thoughts and questions to and in the meantime, Go Sky!

Yours in sport,

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