Shyra’s Blog - July 10

Hey Sky Fans!

We are just returning from a week long, 3-game road trip. I usually enjoy road trips but it's great to finally head back to Chi. Living out of a suitcase gets old! I did have fun despite the fact the we dropped all three games.

Our first stop was in San Antonio. We had to face a great "team" who plays very well together and very well at home. They are extremely disciplined and came out if the gates on fire, shooting the ball incredibly well. I think they shot over 80% in the 1st quarter. We battled back and were able to cut the lead down to 4. Armintie Price really played well for us off the bench in a losing effort.

We spent the July 4th holiday in San Antonio which was fun. I was drafted by San Antonio in 2005 and played 2 years there so I was pretty familiar with the city. It was good to be back and I really enjoyed myself while I lived there. It's rich in culture and I love the weather. I had some friends come up for the game from Dallas and they spent the holiday with me. That's one cool thing about road trips, you get to see friends and family. There is so much to do on the Riverwalk so we hung out there most of the time. Funnn!!!

We played in San Antonio on Friday and our next game wasn't until Tuesday against Sacramento. We flew out there a few days early and practiced when we arrived. I felt like it was training camp all over! It was a really good, tough practice with lots of running. After the day off on the 4th, Coach Key had to run our holiday festivities out of us...ha! I get worries. Every time I go to Sacramento, I usually get together with my college teammate, Kara Lawson and her husband Damien. They are the cutest! The other thing I must do in SAC is go to one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Mikuni!! I love sushi, it's one of my favorite foods!

After 2 days of practice in SAC it was finally game day. SAC is a pressure team and they rely heavily on their defense. I think we handle their pressure well. They were in need of a win as they have the league’s worst record. They got ahead of us early but once again we cut the lead down to 4. A bad bounce that led to an offensive rebound which also led to a 3 by SAC killed our momentum in the last few minutes and we never recovered.

We couldn't dwell on our SAC loss long because we had a back to back with PHX. So we had to leave the airport at 4 o'clock in the morning!! This year we stayed at The Phoenician Resort. Wow! I wish we had more time there. It's a beautiful resort! It made me think seriously for a second about moving to! PHX is just a gorgeous city altogether.

PHX is a unique team. They have a run and gun style of play. Like most teams, they play really well at home. They are a fast paced team. They get up and down the floor like no other. They jumped ahead of us and never looked back. I think we did a good job of not laying down. Even though we lost by 20 it could have been more. Besides the first quarter, we were pretty even every quarter after that. The 1st quarter finishing 34-17 was just too much.

The great thing about the WNBA is that you play often. We don't have time to dwell on these games because after traveling all day on Thursday, we have a big game on Friday. We play IND, who is first in our conference and last I heard, has won 8 in a row. We play great at home and we're undefeated too, so it should be a good one. Hope to see you there!

XOXO Shyra Ely #43