Sharpís Olympic Break Blog

Hello Sky Fans!!!

It's K.B. Sharp checking in during our Olympic Break. Not sure if all of yaíll are aware, but we were actually given a week off from practices and appearances to take a much needed short vacation. And I canít tell you how much I have really, I mean REALLY enjoyed having this time off. Not just because we are running and working out like crazy, but because I haven't seen my family since September, well besides my mom and dad. Since we had a week off I drove over to Ohio Ė my home state Ė to spend some time with ALL of my family. It was so great to have a little time to rest, since I haven't had that since September either! But all good things must come to an end, so although I did enjoy my time spent back home, I had to pack it all back up and head to Chicago.

So I am back in Chicago for the rest of the break, but I am excited for us to start practicing again, and then start playing again, so we can make our final push for the playoffs! Being an athlete itís what we are always doing, running around, playing ball, lifting weights, just always being active, so when we are off for few days, we tend to get a bit antsy. So believe it or not, Iím looking forward to those hard practices again.

Letís see, aside from resting and visiting the family, I also took some time to visit a winery called the John Christ Winery. Having played in France the last few years, and trying their good wine, it was cool to see the differences between French wine and American wine. However, I think I like them both. I also took some time to get a little sun at a waterpark resort called Fort Rapids in Columbus, Ohio. It was a nice change to have some fun during the summer, and to clear my mind for a couple of days. Weíd usually be in the middle of a playoff run right now, I gotta say Iím not mad at the whole Olympic break idea, itís been great!!!

Other than that Iíve been watching the USA men play in their exhibition games. I have to say I am so excited for the Olympics to start. I canít wait to see Syl walking in the opening ceremonies. I really hope that America does well in all the different competitions not just basketball; Iíll definitely be hooked on the TV trying to catch as much as I can.

I hope everyone is doing great, and is ready for the WNBA to start again. I hope to see you all at a game sometime. Go Sky!!!