Quianna Chaney’s Blog

Hey Sky Fans

I was wondering when I was going to get a chance to write a blog!! Everyone has written one except for "Q" Lol. So here goes, my first blog as a WNBA player. My Olympic break was GREAT. I got a chance to go home to Baton Rouge and chill with my family and friends. The one thing I missed most of all, I mean really, REALLY missed was my mom's home cooking. The week that I was at home she cooked lemon baked chicken, baked pork chops, gumbo, cabbage, black-eye-peas, rice & gravy, cornbread etc. It was the bomb. Gotta make sure our strength and conditioning coach doesn't read this, because I ate it all. Ya'll probably think that I would have played rock band on my break but I didn't. Instead I beat my mom, dad, and little sister in cards and dominoes. That was really fun, nothing like spending quality time with the family.

It's hard for me to stay away from basketball so with that being said of course I worked out. I worked out with Temeka Johnson from the Los Angeles Sparks who also went to LSU. I also got a chance to go back and visit my second family at LSU and laugh and talk with Coach Chancellor and Coach Starky. I have to admit that although it was so good to see everyone, there was one thing that I had to get from LSU... the real reason I made the trip... I had to go pick up my Final Four ring!!! LOL

While at home I also got a chance to attend a send off ceremony for athletes headed to Beijing and accepted an award on behalf of Sylvia Fowles and Seimone Augustus. So in the mean time, their award will be hanging on my wall till they return from Beijing !!!

As you can see, my time at home was fun. I enjoyed every single minute of it but I missed my teammates. I'm ready to return to Chi-town to work hard and fight for a spot in the playoffs!!

Well Sky fans, I hope you enjoyed my blog. I gotta run. Keep cheering for us. Go SKY!!!