On the Road with the Sky - July 24 @ San Antonio and July 26 @ Houston

Hey, Sky fans! Welcome to On the Road with the Sky! I'm Ronnie, the Sky's public relations manager, and I'll be blogging this season about one of the best parts of my job: traveling with the team to all the away games. I'll keep you posted on the team's "life" away from home, and I promise you won't be disappointed. You'll get to see a side of the players that few rarely do, and they are guaranteed to entertain you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well Sky fans today we leave for our last road trip before the Olympic hiatus, and I have to say personally I am so excited to be ending this part of the season in the great state of Texas!! However, there was a great big obstacle in our way, Hurricane Dolly. So being a native Texan, I was a bit worried about not being able to fly out today, but no worries, we were up in the sky and headed to the Lonestar State in no time, first stop San Antonio!!

So after landing in San Antonio, I was so so SO excited, the girls on the other hand were not as excited. So usual drill when we arrive, pick up our bags and count them to make sure we aren't missing any. Now waiting on 20 plus bags can take a good long minute so of course the girls find ways to entertain themselves and everyone around us, whether it's picking on me, picking on each other, or even picking on our toothless sky cap. Probably the funniest sky cap we have ever had, he was such a cool guy. How can I paint the picture for you, he was about 65 or older, no teeth and loved Chasity Melvin. You'll see from the footage. And Syl did a great impersonation of him. Then you have our resident class clown AP, who did her own music video impersonation, just hilarious.

Before I go forward I have to explain how windy it was in San Antonio. When we landed there was no rain yet from Hurricane Dolly but the wind was unbelievable! Everything was just blowing all over the place.

Hurricane Dolly wasn't gonna sway (ha, no pun intended) us from eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, Rosario's You see, I lived in SA for about 6 years and Rosario' is legendary, so when we played in SA last season I took some of the team members to eat there and now it' the first thing they wanted to do when we landed, and well I couldn' object, I was up for it too. So we battled the winds and hopped in a taxi, four dollars later we were seated and ready to order. Rewind a few words people, that's right it only cost us $4.50 to get from our hotel to the restaurant! That's with six passengers in the cab. We were all surprised at the final cost!!

Now I did have footage of the dinner, because the food is phenomenal, unfortunately I handed the camera to Cathy Joens and well she wasn't recording when she thought she was. You'll have to take my word for it, the food was good. Two hours later we were so full and headed back to the hotel.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well the rain finally arrived; add that to the winds that were there, the weather was horrible. Then as we were watching the special weather reports before the game started, there was a tornado less than a mile away from the AT&T Center where we were warming up and getting ready to play. Luckily we were in a huge arena, but it was definitely some scary weather. Regardless we tipped the game off and started off well, before the Silver Stars pulled away with the win. We headed back to the hotel and got ready to travel by bus to Houston tomorrow morning.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We survived Dolly, and this morning wasn't too early of a wake-up call, we didn't have to be on the bus till 9AM which gave most of us a goodnight's rest. We were all waiting down stairs but there was no bus, apparently we had to get a different bus. I should go back to the day we arrived, you see when we left the SA airport to head to our hotel the bus door slammed open out of the blue while we were on the highway. Then the bus driver was like, "Coach, can you get up and close the door?" That's right people, while the bus was still moving; Coach Key wasn't about to risk falling out of the bus so we pulled over on the highway and forced the door to close. I've seen it all on buses now; it seems something always goes nuts on the bus. So this is why we were waiting for a new bus.

Made it on the bus, and the movie theatre was up and running. This trip we watched Undercover Brother and Bad Santa. We were just about half way through Undercover Brother when the bus pulls over on the highway. We were thinking great, what is wrong with THIS bus now. I looked out my window and what do I see?!?!?! A Texas State Trooper yikes!!!! Pulling over the bus!!! It was the craziest thing ever!! We didn't know what to think. The bus driver and the trooper are talking things over and what do you know, another cop pulls over and this time with a canine cop. Now what was funny was that the policeman pulled over let the dog out and well you know, relieve himself. So we were all thinking, oh the doggie needed a potty break. Then he called Fido over , put his collar on and started sniffing under our bus. We were like oh great, what now!!! About 30 minutes later we were finally back on the road to Houston. I tell ya, you never know what is gonna happen when you are on the road with the Sky. Now not everyone was awake during the "routine traffic stop, and Candice was quick to notice this. Poor Tye Fluker was passed out during the whole adventure and Can got it all on camera. It was her Tye not me!!!

Finally arrived in Houston!! The team was anxious to get there for one reason. We stay in the Galleria Mall, and they had some serious shopping to take care of!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Game day! We had shootaround at 11AM at Reliant Arena. This was our first trip to Houston where we played at Reliant, not at Toyota Center, and it's a big change for the Houston organization. After shootaround we headed back to the hotel, the girls went through their usual game day routines - lunch and naps - and then we headed back to Reliant for game time. Houston may have had a less than exciting season last year, but we were catching them on a winning streak. We were hoping to snap it, but they came out on fire, and we went into the Olympic hiatus on a two game losing streak. Not what we were hoping for but the playoffs are definitely still an option for the Sky.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Early, early wake up call, we had to be on the bus for the airport by 4:30AM!!! Wow!! To say we were all tired would be an understatement, but we made it to the airport and flew back to Chicago. Not the usually return home, half of the players left for the break, the other half headed back to player housing and Sylvia Fowles said her goodbyes and we wished her luck in Beijing as she was off to represent the red, white, and blue in the 2008 Summer Olympics!!!