On the Road with the Sky - July 1 @ Minnesota, July 2 @ Indiana and July 5 @ Atlanta

Hey, Sky fans! Welcome to On the Road with the Sky! I'm Ronnie, the Sky's public relations manager, and I'll be blogging this season about one of the best parts of my job: traveling with the team to all the away games. I'll keep you posted on the team's "life" away from home, and I promise you won't be disappointed. You'll get to see a side of the players that few rarely do, and they are guaranteed to entertain you.

Monday, June 30, 2008
We travel to Minnesota today. Not a long trip but definitely a tough game ahead of us. We owe Minnesota since they beat us at home earlier this season. We had practice first this morning then headed to the airport. I gotta be honest arriving in Minnesota wasn't very exciting. As soon as we arrived most of us went out to grab a bite to eat, stopping at Chipotle or Rock Bottom. Then just about everyone made a pit stop at Target. So I've come to learn that Target isn't just one of my guilty pleasure stores, ya'll know what I mean, one of those stores that you go to for detergent and end up with a shopping cart full of "stuff." Like I was saying, Target is not just one of my guilty obsessions but most of the players as well. It's amazing who you will run into in the beauty/lotion aisle. Back to the hotel, and called it a night.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
It's already July people, time sure does fly!! We play Minnesota today and shoot around is at 11AM. The good thing about where we stay in Minneapolis is that the Target Center is super close, it take us no time at all to get from the hotel to the arena, kinda seems silly to take a bus, but the bus is air conditioned. After shoot around it was time for most of the players to take their naps. I'll be honest, I needed one too. Game was at 7PM, and we all had a great feeling heading into it, we had just come off of an awesome win against Detroit at home, and were looking to extend it to a two game winning streak. It was a great game, Sky came out on top and a few of us went out to dinner and called it a night since we fly to Indiana in the morning to play them tomorrow night. Definitely a tough road trip for us, two really good teams back-to-back nights!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Early, early morning wake up call. It was tough, up at 4AM headed to the airport. We arrived in Indiana for our game tonight, which is at 6PM, which means no shoot around. We headed straight to the hotel and caught some shut eye. Okay so I'll make a little confession, the night before Coach Key, Coach White, Coach Mitchell and our trainer Nick Rubel and I were discussing wake-up calls and how the hotel never calls. They were telling me how they set their phone alarm, the alarm clock and request a wake-up call. And yours truly was just quietly thinking, "wow, I always get my wake-up calls." Now fast forward to me catching up on sleep in Indiana before we packed up to bus it back to Chicago after the game. And of course, guess what happened, yep that's it, I didn't get my wake-up call to get up and load the bus for the game. Instead I woke up to a phone call from Steph White wondering if I was coming down to the bus, cause it was time to leave for the arena. Everybody was on the bus but me!! Yikes, remain calm Ronnie. I packed up all my things and made a mad dash for a cab to head to the arena. What a crazy day. Unfortunately the Sky fell to the Fever and we loaded the bus to head back to Chicago. Why are we busing it you might ask? Well it's simple, we bus it back because if we flew we would have to wait another day fly back in the morning as opposed to being home tonight. Although the ride is long and boring we were fully entertained. Being the good coaches they are, our coaches brought movies to watch on the bus. We watched Hitch and part of Bad Boys, and before we knew it we were back in Chicago around midnight.

Friday, July 4, 2008
Happy July 4th everybody!!! It's a holiday and in true team fashion we are spending it together, flying to Atlanta that is. After an early practice we flew to Hot-lanta for our second and final time this season. Since it was a holiday, a few of us decided to head to the movies since we weren't gonna be able to catch the fireworks show. It was an easy decision; we were going to go check out Will Smith's new movie, Hancock. First we had to walk FOREVER to get to the movie theatre in hot humid weather, and then we tried to wait patiently in line to
grab some popcorn. Well most of us just got popcorn or nachos, but our own human
garbage disposal, Arminite Price, got nachos, two hotdogs, and soda and ate some of MY popcorn. And I quote, that was "only and appetizer," for her, she was hungry as soon as the movie was over. AP, KB, Quianna, Jia, Brooke W, Brooke Q and I sat down and settled in for the movie. Well actually we were kinda split up, there wasn't enough room for the Brookes, and I don't know what AP did, but for some reason the people sitting next to her abruptly got up and moved seats, and the Brookes moved in. Perfect!! We loved the movie and headed back to the hotel, it was a little cooler, the sun was almost down, but it was still hot enough for us to stop and buy ice cream from the ice cream truck. Oh I almost forgot, before I end this day, I have to point out that today I finally got to meet CD4's mother! Just because I know she reads the blogs, Hey Patty!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008
We headed out to shoot around which was earlier than normal today. When we returned back to the hotel it was still breakfast time so Q, KB, Cathy Joens and I headed to the Flying Biscuit. Okay, the game is over, and it hurts me just as much as the next Sky fan to say this, but we lost to the Dream. Not exactly what we were hoping for but it happened. You can only imagine how upset the team was after the game. The only player I caught talking was Dominique Canty, and I think it was because she was soaking in the cold tub and needed her mind distracted from the freezing water. She was kind enough to pass along her hair secrets to keeping her cute fro so soft and shiny.

Sunday, July 6, 2008
Well guys, for the first time we were all looking forward to getting on the bus and heading back to Chicago even if we were up at 4AM. If it were up to some of us, we would have loved to have left last night.

Okay so here is a little extra, extra for ya'll. I'll admit this wasn't one of the more exciting blogs, I know, not too much happening. But come on guys, we were in Minnesota and Indiana really fast and well we all know how the Atlanta trip went. It was a little difficult to live up to our west coast trip blog. So to make up for it, I have a little extra footage that I have been collecting here in Chicago. I'm gonna let you guys in on two secrets here. First Secret: Sylvia Fowles is a cook. A few weeks ago she was an honorary chef at Kendell College. You can only imagine how much fun it was. Second Secret: a few members of the team have a slight obsession with Rock Band. I mean can you blame them. So at one of our "Jam Sessions," I had the camera rolling so the world could see just how talented the players are off the court. Hope you all enjoy it.