Moeggenberg Doing Well in France

Hey Sky Fans,

Liz Moeggenberg here, blogging you from Tarbes, France, where I am currently enjoying my off-season playing a little basketball. Tarbes is a city in the southwestern part of France, about 30 minutes from the border of Spain. The weather is similar as far as temperature to that of Chicago, but the only place you will find snow is in the Pyrenees Mountains, which are about 40 minutes away.

Here in Tarbes, I am actually playing with another American, Kristen Mann from the Minnesota Lynx. It is really fun playing on the court with Kristen, plus we share a house...we call it the Fransion, for French mansion. Kristen and her adorable puppy, Mr. Sawyer, have their own apartment downstairs, while my husband and I are upstairs. It's nice to be able to be in such close living quarters...some nights after having dinner together, you may find us playing some competitive Rummy, checking out a movie, or possibly even decorating our Christmas tree. Luke (my husband) and I wanted to get in the Christmas spirit, so we purchased a 4' artificial Christmas tree with ornaments, lights and garland. We bought everything, including the tree, for under 10 Euros...WHAT A DEAL!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend time with their loved ones. My husband actually returned to France after a brief home visit the day before Thanksgiving. He returned with a bag full of the Thanksgiving necessities, including my favorite...cranberries. Even though I prefer the freshly made ones my mom makes, the canned ones were just as good. Since we couldn't find a whole turkey to cook over here in France, we settled for a turkey breast. To accompany the turkey in our feast, we also prepared Stove Top stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping, squash, croissants, homemade pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls made from scratch. We definitely left the dinner table with the usual "I shouldn't have eaten so much" feeling and wanting to take a nap. It was the best Thanksgiving I have had away from home!

Our basketball season is going okay. We are struggling in the French league, posting a record of 1-4 but are doing well in the EuroCup with a record of 3-0 which qualifies us for the next round. The girls on the team are great, which makes things a little easier, although winning always makes things seem a lot better. A lot of the girls on the team understand and/or speak some English and the coach speaks English pretty well (compared to some others I have had), which allows for the team to communicate much more easily. The team is improving and I think our best is yet to watch out!

Overall things are going fine. I am very grateful to have my husband here with me to pass the time and to also have Kristen here to create some memories. The only thing about being overseas is that we miss our family so much and our new home in Michigan. We will be heading home on the 23rd of December to spend a short time visiting with our family before heading back here to start competing again on the 3rd of January.

I am sure you Sky fans are gearing up for the season already and can't wait to get back into the stands and cheer on your favorite WNBA team. I am also sure that you are all stoked about that #2 draft pick...I know I am!

Hope all is well and that you all have a great Holiday Season!

Take care,


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