Kayte’s Dogs in the City 3

So I intended on writing these “Dogs In The City” journals on a more frequent basis. It’s hard to believe this season is already over. Between travel, injuries, and family visiting the season has flown by. I couldn’t pack up and head home without writing a final journal!

However, this one isn’t as much about dealing with my dogs in a bustling city as it is dealing with my farm bred family being let loose in Chicago!

As a gift for his 10th birthday, I flew my oldest nephew Christian out to Chicago to spend a week with Aunt Boobbers. Yes everyone, my brothers and sisters blessed me with that nickname when I was little and now my nephews and niece refer to me by that same name! It wasn’t only Christian visiting either, two days later my Mom and Dad arrived.

Unfortunately, the timing of the visits weren’t great being as I had thrown out my back and was for several days confined to bed rest! I had all kinds of plans including The Field Museum, the aquarium, the zoo, a jazz club...and most importantly two Sky games! Severely disappointed that I was unable to do anything other than lay on my back for most of their visit they reassured me they came to see ME and that’s all that mattered.

But lets be realistic people....a one bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment with four people and three dogs isn’t what mots people call optimal living. About ten movies, several delivery pizzas, countless containers of crab salad from Jewel and the stuffing from five dog toys the visit was quite entertaining!

I can’t possibly tell you EVERYTHING that happened on the trip so I will give you the highlights!

11) Taking my family to the Sky game and my Dad and Christian plotting on how they were going to steal my cardboard cut out while they were trying to stuff t-shirts in my Mom’s purse! Seriously...I can’t take them anywhere!

10) Christian, Hektor, Ella, and I celebrating Mischa’s 1st birthday with...wait for it...yes....cake, a candle and tons of birthday presents! A rooster, duck, rabbit, stuffed doggie bone with rope, and Clifford the big red dog. Most people would call me crazy for throwing a party for my dog’s birthday but my response...at least this time I didn’t get everyone party hats!!!

9) Waking up in the middle of the night on the edge of my bed with my nephew sprawled over the top of me and thinking...what a bed hog...until I looked on the other side of him and realized the dogs had taken up the whole side of the bed!

8) Sleeping on the blow up mattress in my living room and realizing that both my beagles were missing. Where were they? Comfortably cuddled up in bed with my Mom and my Dad! Traders!

7) My Mom and I sitting by the pool trying to decide if Dad was the hairiest man at the pool…he finished second!

6) Sending Christian and my Dad to the parking garage to find my cell phone and having them come back because there was no 4th floor in the elevator! Apparently the numerous times we walked from the parking garage elevators through my lobby to the apartment elevators they were completely unaware of what they were doing.

5) Sending Christian and Dad to Jewel for some groceries and then turning the wrong way out of the elevator and trying to walk into a neighbor’s apartment. Stunned that the door was locked they knocked and when the door opened to a 5 foot tall Asian man my nephew says “Who are you?” Without missing a beat he said, “Who do you want me to be?”

4) Leaving for the Sky game on Saturday evening my Dad asked, “Aren’t you ever worried about there being a fire in the building and your dogs being alone in the apartment?” I said, “I AM NOW!” Then returning home to the whole street being closed down because there is a fire in the building and not being able to get up to my apartment! Now all I need is my Dad to ask, “Aren’t you worried that when you buy a Lottery ticket you win the Jackpot and have to pay all those taxes?!!!”

3) Jewel being closed down because of the fire and all my Dad could say was “How am I supposed to get crab salad? I knew I should have bought two pounds!”

2) Driving by a Palm Reader’s store and my Dad saying, “Do you wanna get your palms read and get a tattoo?” I said, “Dad, that says Tarot not Tattoo!”

1) Smelling the most disgusting flatulence ever and my nephew continually blaming it on Hektor. Sad thing is...I knew it wasn’t Hektor because I know what each of my dog’s flatulence smells like!

After spending any significant period of time with my family I can never help but question whether or not I was adopted. However, the reality is...I’m just like them....as Jeff Foxworthy says, “THAT’S MY BLOOD YA’LL!”

Until next year....


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Kayte's Dogs in the City 2

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