Kayte Checks In From Out West

Hey Sky fans!! Happy Holidays to everyone. Wow. So much has happened in my life since the conclusion of our season. Letís see...where shall I start?

After leaving Chicago and heading back home to Phoenix with Hektor, Ella, and Mischa (my dogs) in tow, I finally got the chance to be in my own house again. Playing overseas and in the WNBA makes me appreciate the feeling of sleeping in my own bed, probably more than your average person!

I got the chance to take in a lot of basketball being that my former team, the Phoenix Mercury, was in the playoffs. I went to all the home games and had the opportunity to fly to Detroit for that great game five of the WNBA Finals when the Mercury won their first WNBA Championship! I played with most of those women for years and it was such a great feeling to be there to support and celebrate with them when they won the whole thing!

During the season I had applied for a job as a color analyst for the Sacramento Kings. And finally, in late September, I found out I got the job! So after the initial excitement and giddiness wore off, I realized I had one week to find a place to live in Sacramento, hire a moving company and pack to get myself to Sacramento by October 1st for my first day of work!

Having lived in Phoenix for five years, the thought of leaving my friends and life to start again in a new place doing a new job was a bit daunting. Thank goodness I didnít have time to really think about that!

So,, now, itís a good month into the NBA season and my new life -- I am absolutely crazy busy and loving every second of it. One of the good things about being in Sacramento is that I grew up in Northern California, so most of my family is about five hours from me! When you have siblings with children and ďnormalĒ jobs it doesnít leave them much time or money for family trips to Arizona, so even though I was leaving so many great friends in Phoenix, I had my family to look forward to.

And let me tell you...family is a great thing! Having three dogs and finding a place to lease is difficult, as one might imagine. I knew I wanted to live within about 10 minutes of work so I finally decided on a house that is just a tad bit bigger than I really needed (5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms). BUT...it has a great backyard! After a summer of ďbuildingĒ a yard on the balcony of an apartment building, I welcomed my lawnmower back into my life as well as the doggie door!

Sooooo....having this huge house left me all kinds of room for family. I have a room just for my nieces and nephews! I can say nieces now because my oldest brother who has four sons welcomed his first girl (and hopefully last child!!) into the world in October! Anyway, the kidsí room got broken in early thanks to a visit from my sister and her kids. Then my oldest nephew Christian, who is in year-round school, was off track the month of November so he came and stayed with me the WHOLE month!

Going from being a woman with no kids and three dogs to one with three dogs and a 10 year old put a bit of a cramp in my social life! Iíve never turned down more invitations to go to a comedy club, or a concert, or a club in my life! Iíve also never received so many...isnít life ironic!! But I had a blast watching Disney movies, making crafts, and taking my nephew to all the Kings games. To be honest, though, if DIRECTV took the cartoon channels off my service I would welcome it. Iíve reached my quota for Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, and Shark Boy!!

This year is also the 10th anniversary for my high school basketball team winning the California State Championship. So, on the 17th of November I made the drive back home for an alumni game. The best part about the whole thing was seeing all these girls...now women...who I shared such a great time in my life with, and their families. It also made me realize how freaking old I am getting!! The game was the first time Iíve touched a basketball since August and I figured it was the best way to kick off being able to work out again since my back injury. Being home and playing in my old gymnasium, in front of all the people who know where I started and where Iíve gone, was an honor. That night they retired my high school jersey and looking back on everything Iíve accomplished in the past 10 years....that moment was one of the best honors Iíve received.

Now that Iíve settled in and Iíve given my back a chance to get better and am finally able to begin working out again, my life is only going to be even more chaotic. Thankfully I have a work out room in my house which means a lot of yoga and stability ball to help get my flexibility and strength back in my back.

Well, now you all know about the craziness that is my life! I canít wait to get back to Chicago...well, actually I have no problem waiting for the snow to come and go. Then Iíll be excited. In the meantime, I wish you all the happiest of holidays!


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