K.B. Blog From France

Hey Sky fans, its K.Bzee here, writing you from the lovely country of France. After the season ended, I had one day off before I hopped on the plane to come to France. Can you believe that… just one day off!!!! However, I was sooooo excited because I love France; I love playing here, I love the country, the people and the food. I guess you could say I pretty much love everything about it.

The season started very quickly after I arrived, and we’ve played 6 games so far. Our record is 4-2, and we are tied for 3rd place with 2 other teams. The team I play for is Pays D'Aix Basket 13. On the team we have 2 Australian’s, 1 Belgian girl, and me as far as foreigners. This is my 3rd year playing for this team.

I am located in the south of France, in Aix-En-Provence where the weather is pretty nice all year round, all though it does get a little cold in the winter. It never snows though! Sorry to rub it in to all of you Chicagoans who will be knee deep in snow pretty soon. I live in an apartment complex with a lot of other people, and one of my French teammates lives here too. Where we practice and play is exactly 6 minutes from where I live. Everything is pretty close here, so I don't drive too much. There are a lot of basketball leagues here, so I try to catch as many games as I can, since I am a fan too! Also, I am working on making my French as fluent as I can. I am almost there, but there are still some things that trip me up.

Other than that, I am just enjoying life and trying to take in as much as I can of being in another country. I miss America of course, and I am watching the race for President as closely as I can. Go Obama!!!!!

Take care until next time. K.B.