Jiaís Blog

Hey Sky fans!! How is everybody? Hope you all had a great Fourth of July. Just checking in and seeing how everyone has been plus wanted to fill you in on a little about what I have been up to. First let me say that it is so great to be back in Chicago. It was so good to see my teammates again after the offseason. I missed these girls, although I did get to see a few overseas, it wasnít the same.

Well I havenít been up to too much; this seasonís schedule has been so crazy that I feel like we really havenít had time to enjoy Chicago like we usually have during past seasons. If we arenít at practice then weíre traveling to another city or playing a game.

Hold on a sec, I will say, it seems a few of my teammates have had some time to have a little fun and play Rock Band. Now I donít know who is in charge of putting together these little ďjam sessionsĒ and I hope itís not our captain Candice because Iím sure she would have invited me. Right Candice?!?! Iím just saying, I wanna jam out too guys!!! Can I get an invitation?!?! Geez!! What does a girl gotta do to get an invitation. Is there a secret handshake, a certain password? Come on guys, lemme play!!! I can even bring my own tambourine if you want me too...Anyways hopefully they read this.

So like I said, weíve been on the road a bit, and you can check in on me and my other teammates through Ronnieís new video blog. I had a quick cameo in the ATL blog. Also, since Iíve been back I did have time to throw a quick birthday party for my daughter Aalirah which was so much fun. I invited my team and was so happy they showed up. Unfortunately Aalirah isnít with me anymore, she went back home to spend the summer with her grandma. I miss her so so SO much. I definitely love my job, not many people get to do what they love for a living and travel the world, but I also really love my daughter and miss her more than you can imagine. The good thing is that I will see her when we take our Texas road trip in a week and during our Olympic break.

Like I said this season has been really busy, but I have had a chance to catch a few movies. I saw the Hulk which was really good. Then I went to see Hancock with my teammates when we were in Atlanta over the Fourth of July weekend, and I loved it. It was really funny. I highly recommend checking out those two, my next movie will definitely be Batman, The Dark Knight.

Well guys itís been fun, I gotta run. Be sure to keep an eye out for me on Ronnieís video blog, Iím always getting caught by her camera. Keep supporting us, it means the world to us, we know that we have the best fans in the league. Oh also, be sure to check me out in the latest Sports Illustrated pop culture quiz, yours truly is in it!!!