From Russia With Love

Well hello there blog readers!! First let me start off by saying hello to all you Chicago Sky fans. I miss you all and cannot wait to get back to Chicago to start the new season. Hope to see all the friendly familiar faces in the stands from last season and some new ones!!! Everyone bring a friend; tell them Big Syl sent ya!!

Alright moving forward, I am so so so so so happy that Barack Obama won the presidential race. It seems like forever that this politics stuff first started, but what a historical night!! The outcome was truly an inspiring and amazing night, not just for African Americans across the country but for American citizens everywhere. Last night was a night of history, and I am excited to see how everything unfolds.

Okay, now to what the fans really want to know. Yes, I am in Russia, and I love it!! The people here are great. I love my teammates and the coaches. Let me just give you a quick rundown on who is on my team Ė Diana Taurasi, Lauren Jackson, and of course Sue Bird. What an awesome team right?!?! I stay like five minutes away from the gym which is a great thing because I really dislike getting ready for practice.

When I first got here I was going crazy because I didn't have anyone here with me. So I called Lindsay (my agent) and told her that she needed to work her magic and get my mom up here as soon as possible!! A week later my mom was in Russia with her loving child (MeÖSylvia)!!! When I saw my mom walk in the gym my heart dropped and I acted like I hadn't seen her in years. But believe it or not, in all honesty, it was only a week since we had seen each other. My momís been here with me for almost a month and I am still not ready for her to leave. The only good thing about her leaving is that I will be home for Christmas to see her and the rest of my family. I miss my family like crazy and if I could, I would bring every last one of them with me to Russia.

Anyhow my mom loves Russia, so she says, and she loves the place in which I live, and sooooooo do I. The walls in my house are PINK and I go crazy almost every day because pink is not a favorite color of mine, but Iíll manage.

I did have another special visitor while I was in Russia, youíll never guess who made his way all the way to my neck of the woods, and yes, yaíll definitely know this person. Iíll give ya a hint, heís about 6í4Ē, has a beautiful baby girl, and has the best job in the world because he gets to hang out with me for the summer!! Thatís right, Coach Key showed up in Russia, of all places. It was awesome seeing him, Iím sure heíll fill ya in on his trip, I canít say too much because I have to leave him something to write about for his blog.

Okay my mind is wandering everywhere right now, but I have to tell you fans a funny story. Okay so Lindsay came over with me to Russia for a few days to make sure that I had everything that I needed. Anywho, one day I left her in the house to go to practice and locked the top lock. Some people came to fix the television and she couldn't let them in because I had locked her in the houseÖLOL!! Note to you guys if you lock the top lock from the outside, and it is a one sided lock that only functions from the outside of the door, whoever is inside can't get out!!! Well she was stuck in the house for a few hours without a TV. Thank goodness nothing happen in the house where she would need to get out, because I stay on the 17th floor and that is a long way down since the window would have been her only way out!!!

O-tay guys, it is about that time for me to go. Like I said I miss you guys and my teammates like crazy and Iím looking forward to being back in Chicago for the summer. Till then, take care.

Big Syl

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