Fluker "Holiday" Update

Hey Sky Fans!!!!

How has everyone been? I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with more to come in 2009!!! As for me, I've had the chance to spend the last 2 weeks with my family in Cali, after being in Ruzomberok, Slovakia for the past 3 months. My family has so much going on in December with the holidays and birthdays, it would be best if I gave a small time line of how busy my life has been!!!

Well let’s see:

Dec 14th, I returned home from Slovakia only to be a day late to give my mom Renee, her B-day kiss and hug :-(.

Dec 17th, We bought a Christmas tree and decorated it

Dec 19th, We had a little celebration consisting of bowling, food and music for my mom b-day.

Dec 20th, It was my lil cousin Erick's B-day.

Dec 23rd, It was my dad Corey and best friend Tini's B-day. We dazzled the night with some fun in Hollywood :-).

Dec 25th, Christmas should I say more?

Dec 27th, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to MEEE, Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! Now this day was super I didn't do much. My night was supposed to end with picking my boyfriend Mike up from the airport. The plans were to go to a nice dinner and just chill. But of course traveling from Maryland the flights were delayed and he didn't get in until the 28th...awh:-(.

DECEMBER 28th, HE PROPOSED TO ME... YEA YEA YEA!!! The bestest belated birthday present ever...

Dec 31st, I bought the New Year in of course in Hollywood with my new fiancé Mike and my cousin Shannon. We danced and had a grand ole time.

Jan 1st, I went to the Rose Bowl football game. It was so exciting for me not to be a huge football fan. Every year a Stealth Bomber flies over the Rose Bowl. It's sad to say but I think that was my favorite part of being at the game it was so amazing!!!

Jan 2nd, To top off a great two weeks of movement, I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with a bunch of friends to celebrate my aunt Lois's B-day!

Are you exhausted reading all that? Just imagine living it!!! Now things have slowed down a bit. Before I left Slovakia, I signed a mutual release agreement with the team there. My team was very young. I think the average age was 19. After finishing Euro Cup, the team expressed to me that they needed their young players to have more experience for next year. In accomplishing this goal they needed to cut my playing time. They understood that for me to improve my game I needed experience too. So we came up with an agreement that satisfied us both. Now my agent has the opportunity to find me a job in another country which is great. It will be another place I can write down on my list of “places Basketball has taken me”... All I will be doing is working out and waiting for the phone call that will take me on my next journey...

Until next time, be good Sky Fans. Enjoy 2009 and do every and anything that brings you joy. As one of my good friends always says: SKYS THE LIMIT!!!!!