Tyeísha Flukerís Blog

Hey Sky Fans!!!

Well I guess itís about time I check in with you all and let you know what I've been up to here in Chi-Town. I have been having a lot of fun here in Chicago, itís a very nice city. Yaíll might not know this but one of my favorite things to do besides playing ball is shopping. And we all know Chicago is one of the top places to shop. When I'm not a practice or at games Iím usually spending money somewhere on Michigan Ave! ( or at Jamba Juice itís my absolute favorite!!!)

So being one of the newer kids on the block Iíll fill you guys in on a little bit about myself. Iím not a real complicated person, I like to read, shop, watch TNT, and of course play ball. I like to laugh and have fun whenever I can. I'm a very VERY outgoing person. One of my favorite things about playing in this league is traveling to the different cities. I always pack a special pair of socks to wear on the plane ride because my feet get really cold while flying. My teammates always laugh at me because my socks are always some fun and wild pattern, and I always put my socks on before the flight with my shoes no matter what type of shoes they are. I must admit it can look a bit funny at times. But hey, a girl can't have frozen feet!

Everyone on our team is very cool, but I think yaíll already know that! They are good people and great ball players. I'm happy to have gotten this opportunity to meet and play with everyone. Plus I have to say the fans have been great too. Everyone is so supportive and truly believes in us, and thatís good to know when we go out there to play every night. I would like to personally thank you all for welcoming me with open arms! It has definitely made my transition here easier!!

See you all at our next game Fans!! Ty....

Go Sky!!!