Dominique’s Blog - June 26

Hi SKY Fans!! This is your girl Dominique Canty checking in with you!! How have you all been?!?! First let me say that itís great to be back in my hometown again, so many familiar faces here, which makes it an even better experience to be able to play in front of a hometown crowd.

It's the beginning of a long hard season for us but things are going pretty well so far. We are now 4-3, which is a great start for us in Chicago. Not sure if you noticed but we have a young team that's spunky and eager to win. We have a great first round pick in Kristi Toliver and newcomers Shyra Ely and Erin Thorn, are giving us a huge spark off the bench.

We just returned from a long road trip playing against Connecticut, Washington and Atlanta, who we beat in overtime by 1 point. After playing these first seven games Iíve noticed that teams all around the league have improved drastically from last season. Night in and night out itís a tough game for us, you really canít count anyone out. There is a lot of young talent out there that's helping each individual team improve on the court to reach that next level. It's going to be really exciting to see what happens towards the end of the season, and find out who makes it through to the playoffs and who doesnít. I know myself and my teammates are doing all that we can to make sure that the Sky will be one of those teams that is successful down the stretch of the season.

Before I let yaíll go, I have to mention the other day, myself and a few of my teammates made it out to the Englewood neighborhood on one of the hottest days this summer and had an opportunity to meet a number of great Chicagoans. Anyways we were out there helping out with Bank of America and the Food Depository, and one thing is for sure, although many Americans are going through some tough times at the moment, the local residents I met are truly one of a kind, and Iím so proud to be able to call myself a Chicagoan as well. I know in speaking for the team, the support we received out there is extremely appreciated. If you didnít get a chance to see us then, keep an eye out for us, you can usually find the Sky out in the community throughout the summer.

Well it was nice chatting with you and I hope to see you all at the next home game which is this Saturday against Washington, who is currently number one in the Eastern Conference, so a win against them would be awesome. Fans - Come and cheer us to a victory!