Dominique vs. Candice...The Polish Showdown

Hey Sky fans, itís your girl Nique checking in. I wanted to give everyone my take on this weekendís game against my fellow Sky teammate, Ms. Candice Dupree.

This game is like the showdown of the Polish league because it will be a sneak peek at the championship round. Our two teams have been rivals for a long time now. It's going to be a bit weird playing against Wisla; for one, Candice plays for the team and two, I played for the team last year and we won the championship. So, there is a lot riding on this game for BOTH teams.

I want Candice to do well, but I want the rest of the team to play like garbage. Wisla is a very good team and I know it is going to be a battle. Hopefully, the win will be in our favor and not theirs. Anyway, send one up to the man upstairs for Lotos to play hard and for everyone to be protected from any injuries.

Holla at you


Polish Showdown result- Lotus (Dominique) 79- Wisla (Candice) 52

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